Freshman Senator Application

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Petition 2016 


  1. Be sure to complete all your personal information.


  1. Be sure to sign the petition in script. This allows the SGA to check your records to make sure you are a full time freshman, (at least 7 hours or more).


  1. Return petition to the SGA office by 4:30 P.M. DEADLINE.


  1. Before you begin campaigning you must attend a Candidates Meeting. TIME AND LOCATION TO BE DETERMINED AT A LATER DATE. At this meeting all election rules and regulations will be explained to you. CANDIDATE MUST ATTEND THIS MEETING IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR ELECTION.


  1. Candidate will be responsible for removing all campaign material from campus within 48 hours following end of election. Failure to do so will result in a fine of up to $50 per sign/advertisement per day. This fine will be entered as indebtedness on candidate’s financial record until paid in full.


  1. After election results will be posted. Those elected will receive a letter, at the beginning of term, listing dates of meetings. You will be expected to attend all meetings of the SGA.



–           Serve on at least two (2) SGA committees.

–           Serve on university committees–keep senate informed.

–           For every SGA mandated event, participate at least one half (1/2) hour.

–           Represent constituents of your educational college through regular contact.

–           Make weekly senate meetings (Mondays at 4:00 p.m.)

–           Bring legislation before Senate.

–           Understand parliamentary procedure, leadership techniques and group dynamics.

–           Understand the SGA Constitution and Bylaws and the policies and procedures contained therein.

–           Distribute copies of all pertinent information dealing with legislation they authored to each Senator 24 hours before meeting at which it is to be presented.

–           One Senator from each college is required to post printed copies of the SGA minutes on their respective college bulletin boards within the week of the regular meeting.


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