Students at the Nicholls State University are provided a copy of the Code of Student Conduct annually in the form of the following link on the University’s website.  Students are responsible for having read and abiding by the provisions of the Code of Student Conduct.

Application of the Code

The Code of Student Conduct and the student conduct process apply to the conduct of individual students, both undergraduate and graduate, and all University affiliated student organizations. For the purposes of student conduct, the University considers an individual to be a student when an offer of admission has been extended and thereafter as long as the student has a continuing educational interest in the University.

Enrollment Status

The University retains conduct jurisdiction over students who choose to take a leave of absence, withdraw or have graduated for any misconduct that occurred prior to the leave, withdrawal or graduation. If sanctioned, a hold may be placed on the student’s ability to re-enroll and/or obtain official transcripts and/or graduate and all sanctions must be satisfied prior to re-enrollment eligibility. In the event of serious misconduct committed while still enrolled but reported after the accused student has graduated, the University may invoke these procedures and should the former student be found responsible, the University may revoke that student’s degree.