Protocol for Handling Hazing Complaints

The process is basically the same for all student groups, the only difference is that the national office is notified if the allegation involves a Greek letter organization.

The process is as follows:

  1. University Police is notified and handles the criminal investigation. University Police investigates the matter and determines whether criminal charges are to be filed. Other law enforcement agencies, the district attorney and local judges are consulted as determined by the specifics of the complaint.
  2. The Director of Conduct Accountability handles the administrative investigation.
  3. The organization/group advisor/band director/athletic director is notified of the allegation and asked to assist with the administrative investigation. The national office of any student group with national organization oversight is also notified and asked to assist with the investigation.
  4. The University places the student organization on temporary suspension until the matter is resolved. If an athletics team, the band or similar student group is involved, the faculty/staff with supervisory oversight for the group is instructed to direct that all non-supervised activities cease until the matter is resolved.
  5. The investigation employs interview and information collection techniques as determined by the specifics of the allegation. The administrative process for handling the information discovered during the investigation is processed in accordance with Section Two of The Code of Student Conduct.   The matter is either dismissed as unfounded or discipline charges are filed against the students and/or student organization/group/team found to have violated the Code of Student Conduct.