Defying Academic Integrity

When a student defies academic integrity (including but not limited disruption of class/lab activities), the instructor may;

  1. Assign a grade of “zero’ for the assignment
  2. Invoke the maximum sanction of immediate expulsion from the course with a failing grade.
  3. If the student’s conduct warrants a more severe penalty than expulsion from the class with a failing grades, the faculty member will file a formal charge with the Academic Dean of the college offering the course.
  4. The Academic Dean may dispose of the violation administratively and contact the Director of Conduct and Accountability for further sanctions as warranted.
  5. In cases of defying academic integrity as related to cheating or plagiarism (or of a faculty member’s cheating policy) the faculty member is required to file an Academic Dishonesty/Disruption Report with the Dean of the college offering the course (who will then forward it to Office of Academic Affairs) whenever a student is confronted and/or disciplined for said violation.
  6. The Office of Academic Affairs will maintain these records, and any student confronted and/or disciplined for multiple offenses (more than one) of academic dishonesty will be brought before the Academic Affairs Integrity Committee (AAIC) for further review and/or sanctions. Students with multiple violations may be charged with additional violations
  7. The Office of Academic Affairs will forward a copy of the Academic Dishonesty/Disruption Report to the Nicholls State University athletic compliance officer if the student involved is a student-athlete.