Investigation Timelines, Time Limits and Findings of Responsibility

Investigation Timelines

The University will make every effort to complete its investigations within 60 calendar days, although this timeframe may be extended for good cause. Good cause may exist for a variety of factors, including but not limited to the complexity of the circumstances of each allegation, the integrity and completeness of the investigation, to comply with a request by law enforcement, to accommodate the availability of witnesses, to account for University breaks or vacations, or to address other legitimate reasons. In the event a time frame is extended, both the complainant and the respondent will be notified of any delay and the anticipated length of the delay.


Time Limits

In the absence of a good cause, the complainant must file a complaint within six months of the alleged incident; except in cases of sexual misconduct and sexual assault, stalking, dating and relationship violence which can be filed at any time.


Findings of Responsibility

The focus of the inquiry in conduct proceedings shall be to determine if the individual, group, or organization is “responsible” or “not responsible” for violation of the Standards of Conduct. The student conduct process is fundamentally different from criminal and civil court procedures.