Lesson Plans

Plan for success. Effective teachers know that the better prepared and organized they are, with the help of lesson plans, the better teacher they will be.

Download the Lesson Plan Form.

General Guidelines

  • Appropriate state/parish benchmarks and grade level equivalents must be listed on all plans.
  • Objectives will begin with the introductory statement.  The students should be able to:
  • Following each objective will be an indication in parentheses as to which level of Bloom’s Taxonomy the objective is intended to address.
  • An outline of the subject matter may be required.
  • The correlation between objectives, activities/content and evaluation is indicated by a simple 1, 2, 3 coding. When more than one activity and/or evaluation is used for an objective, these are indicated by using la, 1b, 1c.
  • Materials for each day’s lesson must be entered. If a bulletin board is to be utilized then a sketch may be required. Worksheets, pictures and other materials will be attached and numbered sequentially.
  • The use of technology is strongly encouraged within a teaching unit.
  • Accommodations for individual differences must be indicated on the lesson plan. Supervising teachers will be able to make suggestions in this area.