Reflective Journal

Learn by critiquing yourself and others. The Student Teaching Reflective Journal is the place for candidates to comment and make notes about the lessons they teach to the class and about lessons taught by the supervising teacher. The journal helps student teachers evaluate their instruction methods, brainstorm new ideas and make suggestions for self-improvement.


  • All student teachers must keep a daily reflective journal. This also should be kept in a bound composition book.
  • Entries should be dated.
  • If possible, entries should be made before the student teacher reads the log kept by the supervising teacher.
  • Each entry should represent a critique of what was observed or taught, focusing on strengths, weaknesses and ideas for improvement.
  • The student teacher may also keep a record of teaching hours and observation hours.
  • This journal should help student teachers in writing caption statements for their student teaching portfolios.
  • This journal will not be read by the supervising teacher, only the university coordinator, so it should be available during the observations.
  • When the semester ends, the student teacher keeps his/her reflective journal.