Student Teaching Assignment


GTG Stock for Education 2014 (Misty Leigh McElroy/Nicholls State University) 2/24/14

Get ready for the assignment of a lifetime!

The semester-long student teaching assignment helps prepare candidates for the daily challenges they will soon face as certified teachers. Area schools cooperate with the Nicholls State University College of Education to provide this opportunity for candidates to teach their students and be mentored by their teachers.

Before a candidate will be assigned to student teaching, the candidate must meet all requirements of Portal IV and successfully complete all parts of the Praxis required for certification.

Assignment process:

  • Assignments are made by the Director of Student Teaching with the consent and assistance of the administrative officers of the schools involved.
  • Candidates are placed in cooperating schools that have been established by agreements with university and public school representatives.
  • During the semester immediately preceding student teaching, prospective student teachers are provided with information about application procedures. Deadlines for filingĀ applications are strictly enforced. They are as follows:
    • Applications to teach in the spring semester must be filed by Sept. 15.
    • Applications to teach in the fall semester must be filed by Feb. 15.
  • Application forms are also available on the education bulletin board, outside the College of Education Dean’s Office. These forms must include a photograph and a copy of Praxis scores before they can be submitted to the Director of Student Teaching.
  • Any student teacher who has a disability as stated under Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act or Americans with Disabilities Act must have that disability identified before entering student teaching and must have verification/reasonable accommodations described by the university’s assigned compliance officer in writing and attached to the application form.
  • After a thorough review of student teacher applications and the list of certified and qualified supervising teachers, the Director of Student Teaching makes assignments.
  • The director keeps in mind the following major considerations:
    • geographic areas requested by applicants,
    • grade level and/or subject areas requested,
    • availability of certified supervising teachers and
    • any extenuating circumstances.
  • Student teachers are not assigned to schools where they have immediate family or relatives. Student teachers are discouraged from requesting a school they attended in the past.
  • When tentative assignments are completed, the director notifies the supervising teacher and supervising principal. After their approval, the director notifies candidates of their assignment in writing at a mandatory orientation meeting.
  • When all assignments have been completed, each parish superintendent is provided with the list of student teaching assignments.
  • Prospective student teachers are expected to visit their assigned schools and supervising teachers at least once during the semester prior to student teaching.

Student teaching fees:

  • Beginning in the Fall of 2009, a $100 fee will be required to cover expenses incurred as part of an individual clinical (student teaching). This $100 fee will be added to each candidate’s tuition invoice.
  • Student teachers who request assignments outside the region normally served by Nicholls must pay all additional costs required by the host university. (They must also adhere to all policies and requirements of the host university.)