Making a difference in the life of a student can make a difference in the life of the world. Teacher education graduates are prepared to face the challenges and joys of teaching future generations. Numerous career opportunities are available across the nation for highly motivated teachers.

However, a bachelor’s degree in teacher education will not only prepare you for K-12 classrooms. Many of the skills learned in the teacher education program, such as communication, planning, organization and research, can be applied to alternative career paths. Additional career opportunities open up for students who pursue graduate studies in education.

Possible employers for teacher education graduates include:

  • Public and private elementary, middle and secondary schools
  • Day care centers and nursery schools
  • Boards of Education
  • Community organizations, such as YMCA, Red Cross, etc.
  • Museums
  • Professional associations
  • Test-preparation companies
  • Bookstores
  • Textbook/magazine publishers
  • Federal government agencies, such as the Department of Education
  • Community recreation centers
  • Camps
  • Adoption agencies

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