Elementary Education

Knowledge of the Learner and the Learning Environment (6 credit hours)
Entrance into these courses requires a bachelor’s degree and a 2.5 GPA.

Course Description Credit
EDUC 421
Current Practices and Strategies in Teaching
This core first course, taken with regular education cohorts, will provide special education candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to establish successful partnerships with regular education teachers. 3 semester hours
PSYC 206
Child Psychology
This course focuses on the behavior and activities of the child. Field experiences are required. 3 semester hours


Methodology and Teaching (21 credit hours) Prior to enrolling in any courses in this block, students must:

  • make a C or better in courses in the knowledge block,
  • submit passing scores on the Praxis I,
  • submit passing scores on content specialty areas of Praxis and
  • have a 2.5 undergraduate/graduate GPA.
Course Description Credit
EDUC 365
The Teaching of Reading and Language Arts in the Elementary School
This course focuses on theory and practice of how to teach reading and other language arts and the preparation of audio visual materials in the elementary grades. 6 semester hours
offered in
fall and spring only
EDUC 368
Methods for Teaching Diverse Learners
Knowledge and application of methods for teaching students with diverse learning needs. Fifteen hours of directed and supervised observation/teaching field experiences in diverse classrooms required. 3 semester hours
EDCI 506
Foundations of Educational Assessment
This course will introduce the classroom teacher to elements of measurement and assessment and the role they play in assessment of the curriculum, lesson planning and instructional processes. 3 semester hours
EDCI 513
Advanced Methods in Classroom Management
This course will provide the candidate with research and analysis of current classroom management theories and models and their application as tools for effective decision-making in the classroom. 3 semester hours

Offered in spring and summer only.

EDCI 561
The Teaching of Reading:  Content Areas
Principles, strategies, and materials of instruction for adjusting reading abilities among students to the specific reading demands of various content subjects. 3 semester hours
EDCI 581
Advanced Methods in Teaching Science and Social Studies
This course focuses on current methodological and pedagological practices in sciences and social studies. 3 semester hours

Offered in summer and fall only.

Internship (6 semester hours)
A candidate must pass the appropriate Praxis PLT exam for elementary, middle or secondary certification and maintain a 2.5 GPA to enter the internship. A candidate must complete all coursework, unless given permission by the dean of education, before being permitted to enroll in the internship. Students must also have an assigned mentor and an agreement by the school’s principal to evaluate their teaching.  Lab fees required.

Course Description Credit
EDUC 451-452
Internship in Teaching
Candidates will enroll in an internship for two consecutive semesters 6 semester hours

This outline of courses is provided for information only.

It is not a prescription for certification, and requirements may be changed by the Louisiana Department of Education.  Dr. Jones or Dr. Stall must sign all prescriptions.

Please verify the correct Praxis exams you must take. They are subject to change.