Demonstration Room

Psychology Stock 2014 (Photo by MIsty Leigh McElroy/Nicholls State University) 4/15/14Psychology Stock 2014The Demonstration Room, located in 134 Polk Hall, allows students to observe teaching practices of accomplished teachers and to complete fieldexperiences assigned in professional methods courses.Through an arrangement with the local school board, children are bused to the Nicholls campus six weeks each semester during the school year. The Demonstration Room supplements and prepares candidates for on-site authentic field experiences in the PreK-12 schools. The room is set up with tables and chairs as a PreK-12 classroom.

The room contains:

  • a multimedia presentation station,
  • bulletin boards ready for candidate use,
  • an adjoining area in the rear separated by a one-way mirror for candidates to observe classroom interaction without distracting the school children and