General Requirements for Teacher Education

0123-technology-center-05.jpgThe following requirements apply to all teacher education students at various stages of their education:

  • Praxis I– The following minimum scores on the Praxis I (Core Academic Skills for Educators) examination are required to enter the Foundations Core:
    • Reading (#5712):  156
    • Writing (#5722):  162
    • Mathematics (#5732):  150
    • NOTE: A composite score of 22 on the ACT is acceptable in lieu of passing Praxis I.
  • All parts of the NTE/Praxis II required for certification must be passed prior to clinical (student teaching). (Download minimum passing scores.)  NTE scores taken after Sept. 1, 1999, are not valid for certification in Louisiana.
  • All candidates with a Louisiana Teaching Certificate must complete the minimum requirements for additional certification before the dean of the College of Education can recommend that their certificates be changed.
  • A minimum grade of C in all courses is required for the bachelor’s degree and/or certification.
  • All candidates must successfully complete EDUC 251 — Introduction to Technology Integration for Teachers.