The COMPASS computer-adaptive college placement test is available to both Nicholls and Non-Nicholls students.  The Testing Center offers only the COMPASS Writing Skills test and the COMPASS Mathematics test.  The cost of each test is $10.  Remote testing is available with Nicholls serving as either the home or remote site.  Non-Nicholls students using Nicholls as a remote testing site will be assessed a $20 proctoring fee.

COMPASS Testing Limitations and Restrictions

The COMPASS test is used for placement purposes only.  Course credit cannot be awarded based on COMPASS scores.  Prospective first-time Freshmen who are ineligible for admission because of the need for more than one developmental course may take the COMPASS test an unlimited number of times.  First-time Freshmen who have been admitted to the University and placed into either a developmental  mathematics or developmental English course may challenge placement by taking COMPASS prior to the official first day of classes of the semester in which the student intends to enroll in either course.  COMPASS may be taken for this purpose no more than three times for each subject.  Once classes have begun, and a student is enrolled in the developmental mathematics or developmental English course, either as an audit or for credit, then that student is not eligible for further COMPASS testing.  In that case, the student’s placement shall be considered final.  If non-developmental placement is achieved at any point during COMPASS testing, that placement is considered final and all remaining attempts at COMPASS testing are eliminated.  Students using Nicholls as a remote testing site must adhere to the COMPASS testing policies of their home institution.

COMPASS testing is available only by appointment.  To schedule a test please call 985-493-2596.  Students should report to 212 Elkins Hall (campus map).  Students should bring pencils and a calculator (see calculator rules).  Compass test results are available immediately after testing is complete.  One score is issued for the Writing test and two for the Mathematics test, pre-algebra and algebra.  Course placement is determined by these scores (see placement guide).