Will My Credits Transfer?

Acceptance of transfer credit is limited to academic credit earned at a regionally accredited institutions or through the appropriate accrediting agency for institutions of higher education abroad. Students should bear in mind that many community and technical colleges offer both academic and non-academic (vocational/technical) courses.  Credits earned by completing non-academic courses, even those completed at regionally accredited institutions, will typically not be accepted as transfer credits.  Students transferring from Louisiana public universities and community colleges may find some course equivalencies on the Louisiana Master Course Articulation Matrix.

Once institution accreditation is verified, determination of course equivalents is based on course descriptions obtained from the transfer institution’s catalog and by other means as necessary. Students may be asked to submit a syllabus for a course if more detailed information is required.

When appropriate, transfer courses are articulated as Nicholls courses.  However, some courses, for various reasons, will not transfer as specific courses, but as hours earned.  Whether the courses are degree applicable will likely depend on the major.

Course abbreviations and numbers that include “Xs” represent courses that do not transfer as specific courses.  For example, a freshman mathematics course taken at another college or university may receive a MATH 1XX designation.  This means that the course content does not match sufficiently with any mathematics course offered at Nicholls.  In this case, the student will receive credit for a mathematics course at the 100 level.  The mathematics credit may or may not satisfy degree requirements. Likewise, a course receiving an XXXX designation indicates that the course is in a discipline not available at Nicholls.  A transfer architecture course, for example, ARCH 1001, would receive an XXXX 1XX designation since Nicholls does not offer any courses in architecture.  In this instance, the student will receive freshman-level credit for the course.

Freshman and sophomore (lower-level) courses may be articulated interchangeably.  For example, a 200-level Calculus I course transferring from another institution may be identified as equivalent to Nicholls’ MATH 165, Calculus I course.  Likewise, a 100-level course may be identified as equivalent to a 200-level Nicholls course.   Upper-level courses, that is, those designated as junior (300) and senior (400) level courses are treated the same way.  However, only under special circumstances will lower-level courses articulate as upper-level courses.

Credits for military service are awarded for only those courses designated by the American Council on Education (ACE) as lower-level (L) and upper-level (U) academic. Credit is not issued for those identified as vocational (V).  As practice, the University typically awards freshman-level credits for military courses designated as lower-level and junior-level credits for those designated as upper-level.  To the extent possible, military service courses are articulated by discipline, but very seldom as specific Nicholls courses (e.g., BSAD 1XX, MLSC 1XX, MNGT 3XX, etc.).  Human performance education activity credits are awarded for each six months of active service up to a maximum of eight semester hours of credit.

Applicability of any of the transfer credits mentioned above to Nicholls degree programs is determined by the academic departments and colleges.


If you have questions regarding transfer credits, please contact

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