President’s Cabinet Meeting Minutes 6-30-09

President’s Cabinet Meeting

Tuesday June 30, 2009


I. Compressed Work Week: 

The new termination date for the Compressed Work Week schedule will be August 7, 2009.  This is due to the number of necessary activities that will be taking place during the week ending August 14, 2009.  It has been determined that it would be more beneficial to the University community if we return to normal work day hours one week early.

II. 2009-10 Budget Update:

As of the date of this meeting President Hulbert has not received a final total of the budget reduction that will be assessed to Nicholls State University.  Therefore the President has indicated that all budget cut related measures put in to place shall remain in place effective July 1, 2009. 

Even though Nicholls State University may be receiving more money than originally anticipated there is still the matter of the $1.1 million dollars needed to pay tenure and tenure-track faculty salaries for those faculty members who were notified that their positions would not be funded in the 2010-11 budget year.

In addition we are not going to be receiving any new dollars to cover the increasing operating expenses of this University.  There is a tuition increase that has been approved but this will not significantly impact our overall budget reduction strategy.

The President did mention that if there were to be adjustments made to the current budget reduction plan they would be:

  1. cover the $1.1 million dollar tenure deficit
  2. remove all or part of the number of days of furlough assigned to each employee

The continuing installation and training costs for our transition to the Banner System is being covered by the Academic Enhancement Fund.

The updated Hurricane Evacuation Plan has been approved and is posted on the Nicholls State University Web Page. 

The President mentioned that he would like to pursue the option of this campus acting as a “staging” area for Hurricane relief/rescue equipment during the time of evacuation and during the time of re-entry.  This campus served in this capacity during hurricane Gustav and hurricane Ike.  Brian Clausen’s office will take the lead on the follow-up to this idea.