December 7, 2004

Attendees: Brenda Haskins, Charles Ordoyne, Mickey Diez, Bruno Ruggerio, Lydia Boudreaux, Lisa Duet, Cindy Andrews, Michele Caruso, Brandie Toups, and Ronnie Boudreaux (ex-officio).

Absent: Stephanie Caballero (excused)

Old Business:

* Reviewed minutes of previous meeting –
* Dr. Hulbert gave his charge to the committee.

New Business:

Discussion of committee ground rules

* Respect every person's opinion
* Allow all to speak to each other without fear of retribution
* Confidentiality must exist of certain things discussed
* Establish a public forum opportunity as well as an executive session

Brenda Haskins shared past experience on the committee and helpful hints for new members

* At the time the committee was put together in the 1980s there were a couple of schools in the State that had something similar. But more schools did not have similar committees. At NSU a classified committee was already in place.
* Biggest project at the time was to develop with a compensatory leave system for unclassified employees. Dr. Ayo took it to the system and the system adopted it with a few revisions. This was a powerful thing that impacts and benefits everyone here today.
* Over the year the committee was appointed by the President from committee representatives. Dr. Hulbert requested an election process.
* Topics in the past came from Human Resources. Ronnie Boudreaux would request to review a certain area. Or the President would request input for a certain subject.
* Brenda suggested that the committee go back and look at the Grievance Ad-Hoc committee. The committee was appointed in the past; but, was probably out dated at this point. It was suggested that the committee inform the representation of this process.

Another charge of the committee is to review the Administrative Staff Handbook annually. Ronnie Boudreaux noted that Wendy Rachel would receive requests on behalf of the administration to make changes. Brenda Haskins suggested receiving a time-line from Wendy.

Giving an opinion at the President's request and meeting several times a semester to think outside of the box were charges of the committee.

In the past, employees have called Brenda about various issues. Many times she was just a sounding board. Other times she recommended they contact Human Resources. The number one issue of concern was salary comparison to other schools.

End of report by Brenda Haskins.

Michele Caruso suggested that we review the handbook beginning in the spring. Ronnie Boudreaux commented that it was too costly to print but it was listed on the University website.

Discussion of the Unclassified Needs Assessment

* Lisa Duet and Mickey Diez volunteered to form a sub-committee. Lisa Duet brought assessment examples from other universities and asked that the committee look at the examples to provide feedback.

Next meeting will be the week of February 14, 2005. Michele Caruso will e-mail to confirm date, time, and location.

Lisa Duet motioned to adjourn the meeting. Charles Ordoyne seconded the motion.