February 16, 2005

Attendees: Charles Ordoyne, Mickey Diez, Lisa Duet, Cindy Andrews, Michele Caruso, Brandie Toups, Stephanie Caballero,

Absent: Bruno Ruggerio, Lydia Boudreaux, and Ronnie Boudreaux (ex-officio).

Minutes of December meeting were unanimously approved.

Old Business:

Mickey presented the Unclassified Opinion Survey. The committee reviewed the survey and made a few suggestions. The committee commented on how Mickey and Lisa did a thorough job compiling the survey.

A plan action was created for distributing the survey

1. Charles and Mickey will work on putting the survey on the website which will include secure password connections and software authentication.
2. Michele will send an e-mail to inform the community of the survey of where to go on the NSU website to complete the survey.
3. Brandie and Cindy will create an "NSU Cares About Me Certificate" to send through campus mail as a promotional reminder.

New Business:

Review of the Administrative Staff Handbook was discussed. The committee tried to determine if the following should be considered: up-to-date items, unfair policy changes, areas that may present concern. Also in the discussion it was noted that Wendy Rachel is the custodian of the book and there would an effort to combine this handbook with other handbooks at the University. The form for changing Policy and Procedure was approved by the Cabinet. However, the committee agreed to let Stephanie check on the status of revamping and combining of all handbooks before further efforts would be made at this committee level.

Stephanie informed the committee that Dr. Hulbert was requesting assistance with the Presidential Award for Professional Staff.

1. Committee selection – an e-mail will be sent to the community requesting volunteers who want to participate on the award selection committee. The Unclassified Advisory Board as a committee will vote by secret ballot for five volunteers to serve. In addition to these five volunteers, the SGA president (or an appointed replacement) will be a member and the previous year's award recipient will serve as selection committee chair.
2. The Unclassified Advisory Council will develop a score sheet (based off of the recommendation/nomination form) to assist the selection committee. The score sheet will use some sort of point system to provide guidance.
3. It was noted that there needs to be a section for other areas of consideration: number of years of service at NSU, attitude towards job, attendance and support of extra-curricular functions relating to NSU, and any other criteria that the writer feels will support the nomination.

Next meeting will be scheduled at a later time and Michele will e-mail the committee with the information.

Mickey motioned to adjourn the meeting. Lisa seconded the motion.