June 14, 2005

Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

Attendees: Bruno Ruggerio, Charles Ordoyne, Mickey Diez, Lisa Duet, Cindy Andrews, Michele Caruso, Brandie Toups, Lydia Boudreaux and Ronnie Boudreaux (ex-officio).

Absent: Stephanie Caballero.

* Cindy Andrews motioned to accept the minutes of the May 31 meeting with minor changes. Mickey Diez seconded that motion.

Old Business:

Constitution and By-Laws

* Minor changes were made to this document. It was decided that the Unclassified Staff Opinion Survey would be conducted annually and review of the Handbook would be handled Bi-annually. Officers would be named Chair and Vice-Chair rather than President and Vice-President. Meeting frequency and minutes were addressed. A clarification of procedures to follow when USAC members receive e-mail/ correspondence for campus employees was reiterated.
* The complete and updated Constitution and By-Laws will be posted on the Committee website with last revised date noted.

Sub-Committees to address Unclassified Staff Opinion Survey

* Sub-committee reports on the Survey Comments for Salary Compensation and Safe Working Environment were discussed. All other sub-committee reports were tabled until the next meeting.
* The reports tabled were Professional Growth and Development, Evaluations, Employee Benefits ñ Professional Benefits and Fringe Benefits, Opportunity for Advancement, Employee Training, Campus Procedure, Unclassified Staff Advisory Council, and Miscellaneous.

New Business:

* The Termination Policy and Employee Death Procedure were distributed to committee members. It was decided that each member would review and be ready to discuss potential changes at the next Committee meeting.
* The date of the next meeting is June 28. All members should be prepared to further discuss action to be taken on survey results.
* Lisa Duet motioned to adjourn the meeting. Cindy Andrews seconded the motion.