June 28, 2005

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

Attendees: Mickey Diez, Michele Caruso, Stephanie Caballero, Brandie Toups, Lydia Boudreaux and Ronnie Boudreaux (ex-officio).

Absent: Bruno Ruggerio, Lisa Duet, Cindy Andrews, and Charles Ordoyne.

* Minutes of the June 14th meeting needed to be revised before approval could be obtained. Corrected minutes will be e-mailed to members by June 30th.

Old Business:

Employee Death Procedures

* The Procedures for Responding to the Death of a Faculty Member, Staff Member, or Retiree were discussed in detail. Three sections were created:
o Death of an NSU employee away from work
o Death of an NSU employee while at work
o Death of an NSU retiree
* The complete and updated procedure will be posted on the Committee website with last revised date noted.

Termination Policy and Employee Death Procedure

* Tabled until June 30th meeting.

New Business:

* Dr. Laynie Pizzolato led a discussion about the Universityís effort to combine the Faculty and Staff Administrative Handbooks. The effort was linked to the SACS report becoming a comprehensive document.
o Details about how the chapters would be dedicated were reviewed. Chapters 1-5 are designated as follows: 1) Administration, 2) Faculty, 3) Unclassified Staff, 4) Civil Service Staff, 5) Services and Procedures by unit. USAC must review chapters three and five.
o Further discussion revealed that the following needed to be addressed by USAC as well:
+ Update Policy and Procedure on M Drive
+ Establish USAC as a recognized committee
+ Letter to the President proposing changes to Constitution and By-Laws
+ Subcommittees needed to complete reports
+ Employee evaluations need to become consistent across campus.
* The date of the next meeting is June 30th 2pm. All members should be prepared to further discuss action to be taken on survey results and the termination policy.
* Lydia Boudreaux motioned to adjourn the meeting. Mickey Diez seconded the motion.