March 1, 2005

Attendees: Mickey Diez, Lisa Duet, Cindy Andrews, Michele Caruso, Brandie Toups, Stephanie Caballero, Bruno Ruggerio, Lydia Boudreaux, and Ronnie Boudreaux (ex-officio).

Absent: Charles Ordoyne

* Minutes of February meeting were unanimously approved.

Old Business:

* Michele Caruso presented the proposed e-mail to promote/inform the community of the Unclassified Opinion Survey. The committee reviewed the proposed e-mail and made a few suggestions.
* Mickey Diez indicated the procedure for logging on to complete the survey. Username will be firstname.lastname and password will be last 6 digits of the social security number. Mickey also indicated that Jesse looked at some new software for implementing the survey and indicated that everything looks good. A test will be run the week of March 7th. The UAB will complete the survey with pre-determined answers to test the validity of the survey software. If all goes well, the survey campaign will be the week of March 14th.
* Brandie Toups and Cindy Andrews presented the promotion certificate. Suggestions were given. The survey link will be added to the certificate as well as the specific dates of the survey campaign.
* Lydia Boudreaux updated the committee on the status of the UAB website. There will be a link for the survey. An archive of meeting dates and minutes will be kept. A roster with contact information for Unclassified Staff and the UAB mission will be posted.
* Stephanie Caballlero informed the committee of the University's intention for the Staff Handbooks.
* Mr. Larry Howell wants the committee to review the handbook posted on the Human resources website. On the M drive there exists a Policy and Procedure form for changes. The committee should send one form with attachments to Mr. Ronnie Boudreaux for approval (or another area head as applicable). Once approved by the area head, Wendy Rachel will review and maybe Dr Falcon if needed.
* The committee decided that for the next meeting (mid to late April) everyone should be prepared to review Chapter One of the Unclassified Staff handbook.

The committee entered into Executive Session.

* The committee chose members for the Presidential Award Selection Committee. It was decided that due to the scope of the award, a student member was not necessary. It was reiterated that the chair is a non-voting member. Michele Caruso will send a letter to Dr. Hulbert to inform him of the chair, committee members and criteria. Stephanie Caballero will send a letter to Tommy Ponson (the chair) and the rest of the members with the committee charge.

Executive Session closed.
New Business:

* The committee had an in-depth discussion of who the UAB represents. Ronnie Boudreaux indicated that it was defined as those not represented by faculty institute; which included Deans and Assistant Dean. Michele Caruso will verify this with Betty Kleen.
* At Dr. Hulbert's request, the committee reviewed the proposed method for pay increases. Each Vice-President will receive 3% of the total area salary for pay increases. The 3% will be divided out as followed: 25% for across the board increases, 25% for equity increases, and 50% for merit increases.
* The committee agreed on the following
1. To thank the cabinet for the pay increase,
2. To confer that the method of pay increase is headed in the right direction,
3. To request a look, by the Administration, at closing the "gap" between areas.
* Michele will put this in writing to Dr Hulbert.
* Next meeting will be scheduled at a later time and Michele Caruso will e-mail the committee with the information.

Mickey Diez motioned to adjourn the meeting. Lisa Duet seconded the motion.