May 24, 2005

Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

Time: 2:00-3:30

Location: Bowie Room

In attendance:

Charles Ordoyne, Cindy Andrews, Ronnie Boudreaux (ex officio), Mickey Diez, Lydia Boudreaux, Stephanie Caballero, Lisa Duet, Michele Caruso


Bruno Ruggiero, Brandie Toups

* President Hulbert
o Addressed this Committee´s status
o He will seek our input and give it the same weight as other shared governance bodies (i.e. faculty senate) although faculty senate will always be considered the senior shared governance body.
o Suggested that we identify our role, purpose, mission, etc. and request to become a standing committee and have an ex officio representation on faculty senate
o Suggested that we always make sure we are representative of all unclassified staff
o Addressed question about status of Campus Operations Improvement Status Report 2005. Stated that he is following up on these. We will see document soon identifying improvements made, improvements that will be made, and areas that will not be addressed.
o Discussed his expanded Cabinet for budget discussions to include USAC representative in addition to Faculty Senate, SGA, and Classified rep.
o Emphasized that as we do our work as a Committee we should look at things from the employees´ points of view
* Review of minutes from previous meeting
o Minutes were reviewed
o Several changes were made
o The minutes were accepted with changes
* Unclassified Staff Survey
o Update
o Next step
o We will work as subcommittees in pairs broken down by division to address the survey comments. Steph will create a chart/checklist we can use to prioritize and separate issues we can address immediately and those that will take some process. The subcommittees are as follows:
+ Steph & Ronnie: Salary & Safety
+ Brandie & Michele: Prof. growth & employee training
+ Charles & Mickey: Empl. Recognition & miscellaneous
+ Cindy & Lisa: Empl. Benefits & Unclassified Committee
+ Lydia & Bruno: Campus proc. & Opp. for advancement
o Each subcommittee will let the entire Committee know when they will be meeting about their categories so that anyone can attend who can and/or wants to. All subcommittee reports will be discussed at the June 14th meeting
* Update – Review of Administrative Staff Handbook
o Handout of content only changes was distributed
o Everyone should review these to see if the issues fit into the categories they will be addressing in subcommittee
* Review of Policies sent by Dr. Hulbert
o Discussion of these policies was deferred to the June 14th meeting to allow for Unclassified Staff input at the May 31st meeting
o 7 of the 7 vote eligible Committee members present voted in favor of sending these policies to Unclassified Staff through email and inviting input at the May 31st meeting (or through email)
* Status of this Committee
o This issues was addressed by Dr. Hulbert. See first section of minutes for this information.
o As a result, we will be reviewing and revising as necessary our ´Guidelines´.
* Other business
o All Committee members were asked to review USAC ´Guidelines´ and send recommendations for changes to Michele & Steph by June 6th. Steph and Michele will meet after that date and draw up a document to be discussed at the June 14th meeting.
o It was suggested that we send letter to president asking him to ask vice presidents to consult USAC on changes, etc. that affect Unclassified Staff, even if it only affects staff in their division. This would be consistent with the president´s process of consulting USAC on such issues.
o Michele will email Unclassified Staff reminding them that minutes and other USAC information and updates can be found on our web site.
o Email will also be sent to all Unclassified Staff inviting them to attend May 31st meeting.
* Next Meeting
o Tuesday, May 31st
o 2:00-3:30, Bowie Room
o This meeting will be devoted to receiving input and feedback from Unclassified Staff regarding handbook, termination policy, and death of employee procedures.