May 24, 2007

Unclassified Staff Advisory Council
Thursday, May 24, 2007
Development Conference Room

Present: Michele Caruso, James Irwin, Lydia Boudreaux, Cindy Andrews, Rick Reso, Donna Adams, Perry Lawless; Renee Hicks, excused absence. Newly elected members attending: Diane Garvey, Amy Hebert, Terry Dupre and Audry Dozar. Also in attendance was guest John Ford.

Cabinet summary
The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m.
Michele gave a brief report of the previous Cabinet meeting which discussed gender equity, diversity, salary and compensation and a possible “go green” effort to save on utility costs this summer; she also deferred discussion of a proposed shared leave policy to James for later in the meeting.

Election of Officers
Prior to the election of new officers, Michele took time to thank outgoing USAC members Lydia, Cindy and Renee for their service on the council; Michele also was retiring from the council.
For president, Donna nominated Diane and Rick nominated James; James was elected by secret ballot. For vice president, Donna self-nominated and James nominated Diane; following a tie secret ballot, Donna withdrew her name, and Diane was selected vice president. James nominated Amy for recording secretary and was selected by acclamation after no other nominations were made.
Following the election, the outgoing members left the meeting and James assumed chair of the meeting as the newly elected president.

Policies & Procedures Manual
James said he would check with the UL System for their guidelines on Policies and Procedures affecting unclassified employees. John suggested starting with the older manual of a few years ago and seek compliance with UL guidelines, and he also suggested Al Davis could be a good resource for this effort.

Rick reported that 54 employees had taken the online survey as of the meeting but that many unclassified employees were not on the original list provided which was used to notify everyone of the availability of the survey. He said about a dozen employees would be manually added and reminded to take the survey.

Other business
Donna said she was developing a new orientation program for new employees and asked for comments and suggestions as to what should be included.
James reported that the search policy for new unclassified hires was being revised. John said it was hoped that the university would be able to accept online applications.
James reported on the work of the salary and compensation committee, that the efforts were still in discussion.

New Business
James reported on a proposed shared leave policy which would allow employees to contribute up to eight hours of sick or annual leave each year to a common pool for other employees to draw from in the event of prolonged sickness. He said there was an existing UL System policy that was being reviewed to see how this could be applied here. There was some question as to whether there needed to be two pools, one for classified and one for unclassified employees, but that one university was combining both pools. He said Sue Aysen was chairing this effort.
James set the next meeting for Monday, June 11 at 10 a.m. in the Development office conference room at which time results of the survey would be discussed.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m.