July 14, 2006

In attendance: Michele Caruso, Renee Hicks, Cindy Andrews, Perry Lawless,

Donna Adams, James Irwin, Rick Reso.

Excused: Lydia Szanyl Boudreaux (maternity leave)

Plan for Addressing survey results:

Committee members discussed the number of responses, 46, as being a decent return based on about 100 unclassified staffers. It was agreed to divide up qualitative answers and assign to sub-committees to generate USAC responses: Renee and Perry to handle salary compensation comments; Cindy and Donna, campus procedures; Rick, policy and fair treatment, and Michele and James, safety, USAC and miscellaneous. On the quantitative section, the committee agreed to review some questions considered ambiguous before another survey is taken and to look at eliminating the “neutral” response option. Michele is to draft a cover letter to Dr. Hulbert noting key points of the survey. Deadline for sub-committee work is August 18. The survey results and comments will be posted on the USAC web site. Renee’s office will provide comparison to last year’s survey.

Update on Letters:

Michele explained the effort to generate letters to the legislature in support of funding for higher education salary increases didn’t go out, so the question was moot.

During the Spring, 2006 semester USAC decided to design a form for unclassified staff to attend events on campus without suffering loss of leave and that this form would be a communicative device both to keep supervisors informed and to track professional development. Lydia had also drafted a cover letter to Dr. Hulbert. Michele will send USAC members an FYI copy.

Complaint and request for advocacy re: Fluctuating Schedule

The university’s interpretation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) adopted in August 2004 generated complaints among non-exempt employees who previously earned comp time for overtime hours. The adoption of the new guidelines was on hold pending a review by some of the VP’s and by USAC. A meeting will be called with USAC officers and Michele will inform everyone when this will take place in case any other members would like to attend. A lengthy discussion about the topic took place.
Michele will email assignments of sections of the Unclassified Staff handbook to be written by members of the committee. Much of this will be cutting and pasting from previous handbook. Pay particular attention to updates. Target date for completion of the review is the end of the fall semester. The final draft will be reviewed by HR to make sure updates weren’t missed.

Other Business:

Dr. Hulbert sent his year-end update to Michele, and she will copy members of the committee.

The anonymous suggestion form on the USAC’s web page drew three new comments and/or suggestions: the first requested USAC membership be representative of the size of the constituencies, rather than two each from administrative groupings; the second request time sheets be filed electronically, and the third questioned the manner in advertising for and selection of a new director of University Relations. These will be forwarded to the administration for its review along with the survey comments.

In other new business, Donna proposed several changes to the Constitution and By-laws, and according to the constitution, these changes will come up for discussion and be voted on at the next regular meeting. In the meantime, Michele will email the entire Association about the proposed changes and give them the opportunity to give feedback.

There being no further action, the meeting adjoined at 10:30 a.m. Members will be notified of the next meeting via email.