June 15, 2006

Time: 9:00 am

Location: UC Conference Room

In Attendance:

Lydia Szanyi Boudreaux, Donna Adams, Perry Lawless, Cindy Andrews, James Irwin, Michele Caruso


Lisa Duet, Charles Ordoyne


Renee Hicks, Rick Reso


  • Recognition of outgoing members
    • Lisa Duet and Charles Ordoyne were presented with certificates of recognition. Appreciation was expressed to Lisa, Charles, Brandie, and Bruno for their service to this Council.
  • Election of 06-07 Officers
    • Recording Secretary: Rick Reso was nominated and unopposed.
    • Vice President: James Irwin nominated himself and was unopposed.
    • President: Michele Caruso nominated herself and was unopposed.
  • Brief Survey Review
    • Lydia distributed survey results. Michele will send categorized comments. Everyone should review results before next meeting and action will be decided upon then.
  • Other business
    • Lydia will mail letter to Governor and Legislature (copy to Dr. Hulbert) regarding salary increase consideration for Unclassified Staff when faculty raises are discussed. Michele will check status of that issue in Legislature.
  • Next meeting
    • Our regular summer meeting will be Friday, July 14th at 9:00am in Controller’s Office conference room.