October 13, 2006

Unclassified Staff Advisory Council
Friday, October 13, 2006
Development Conference Room

In attendance: Cindy Andrews, Lydia Bourdeaux, Michele Caruso, Renee Hicks, James Irwin, Perry Lawless, Rick Reso. Donna Adams excused.
Guests: Courtney Cassard and Lisa Pierce.

Association members who have asked to be placed on agenda
– Diane Garvey
– Craig Jacuzzo

Lisa Pierce, in speaking for Diane Garvey who could not attend, requested the council consider an amendment to the by-laws reducing the length of employment required to run for the council from two years to one year. She cited several reasons for supporting the change, such as someone may bring valuable experience from another institution, it would open the pool to others so motivated, and decision affect all unclassified, even those with less than two years of employment. The council agreed to consider the amendment along with others to be proposed.

Craig Jacuzzo was not able to attend.

Review of Cabinet meeting

Michele gave the council an update from the recent President’s Cabinet meeting which focused on visitor parking, student retention as it relates to math and English scores, and new vehicle logos.

Labor Union: Discussion regarding whether to pursue further

No one in attendance supported pursuing the idea further, with all noting the USAC fulfills this role.

USAC contribution to retention

Michele suggested unclassified employees could play a role in student retention. Discussion addressed things all could do including assisting new students find offices they are seeking, provide campus maps to new students and visitors, etc. Michele will draft a statement.

Subcommittee on salary review

Michele reported that Dr. Hulbert would like a consistent salary review committee, similar to the Faculty Welfare Committee, which would recommend a review process and also consider recommendations regarding benefits, etc. James Irwin agreed to be the one USAC member to chair the committee. An email will be sent to assess interest from general Unclassified population. USAC will decide at its next meeting how other members will be decided upon (invited or vote; one from each division or general, etc.) based on the response to the email.

Constitution and Bylaw Review

Michele proposed six changes to the by-laws to be considered at the next council meeting:

1) regarding Article I, B: to reduce employment eligibility from two to one year and re-define length of employment as a minimum of 12 consecutive months;

2) regarding Article I, last paragraph of section, to reach that each association members shall have one opportunity to vote for the candidates running within their division only, clarifying the language;

3) regarding Article I, D: clarifying whether an election would be held to complete a term of a council members who should leave employment or resign from the council, that an election would be held only if six or more months remained on the term;

4) regarding Article II, A, 2 and 3: deleting the responsibility of conducting the annual Unclassified Staff Opinion Survey from the duties of the vice president and adding it to the duties of the recording secretary;

5) regarding Article III, providing for a vote by proxy if a member is unable to attend a meeting via written notice of the member’s intent (email accepted), which would then become part of the official record; and

6) regarding Article IV, A: clarifying the method of conducting an email discussion and vote, requiring replies and votes cast to be sent to all council members (“reply to all”). Proposed changes will be discussed and voted on at the next council meeting.

Legislative session
– Teacher raises to be discussed again

Michele reported that teacher pay raises would likely be an issue during the next legislative session and we will plan to address this in upcoming meetings. Regarding progress of salary increases for current unclassified staff, Michele said she would ask Mr. Howell for a summary which she would use to report to members. As per Renee, the understanding was that raises would be part cost of living and part merit, to go before the Board of Regents Oct. 26, and be effective July 1, 2006.

Other business
Michele distributed Dr. Hulbert’s response to the Board of Regents request for input on a draft regarding Emergency Administrative Leave for Unclassified Staff and Faculty, which incorporated some of the suggestions the USAC recommended.
Michele reported on one anonymous web posting regarding student parking, which would be referred to the appropriate office.

Next meeting
Wednesday, Nov. 15, 10:00 a.m. in the Development Office conference room.