February 20, 2008

Unclassified Staff Advisory Council

DATE: February 20, 2008TIME: 10:00AM                       LOCATION: Records Conference Room    


In attendance: James Irwin, Perry Lawless, Amy Hebert, Rick Reso, Diane Garvey, Audrey Dozar

Members absent: Terry Dupre

Also present: Grahm Harvey


Approval of old Minutes: Approved as they were distributed


Old Business:              

Goals for Spring term:

  • cost of living memo – proposal sent to Dr. Hulbert for consideration.   Dr. Hulbert sent memo stating that both proposals will be considered
  • employee mentorship – Diane Garvey presented Employee Mentorship documents for review and suggestions
  • education sessions
  • Survey – By the end of march, goal to have between 70-80 people respond


New Business:          

  • HR Folder – Folder review policies being developed by HR, employees will be notified to review folders regularly (yearly)
  • Safety at Motor Pool – safety (dropping cars off at night, poor lighting) safety will be discussed with proper campus officials
  • Spring Elections – applicants sought, elections to be before May 1
  • Leave Pool Policies – Sue Aysen and John Ford on 2-19-08 presented to exec. Council, policy is going to Faculty Senate for review then to Civil Service Board.   USAC – Reviewed policies for shared sick and crisis – approved as amended


Comments:   None                            

Next meeting: March 26 at 10:00

Adjournment:   11:00