What Facilities are Booked through the Student Union Office?

  • Most campus facilities can be booked by contacting the Student Union Office. The Union Office is also where university groups and departments should go to reserve tents, to request permission to place table tents in the dining areas and chalking the walk.

Who Can Reserve?                                                                                                                                                       

  • Any student organization may reserve campus facilities free of charge if reserving during normal Student Union work hours. Student organizations must complete a “Student Activities Reservation Form” aka the “Gold Form.” All necessary signatures from appropriate faculty and staff must be obtained prior to submitting the form for processing. Bring completed forms to the Student Life Office located in the Student Union.
  • Any campus department may reserve campus facilities free of charge if reserving during normal Student Union work hours. Nicholls Faculty and Staff must complete an “Request-Reservation On-Campus Department Form” to reserve facilities.
  • Off-Campus individuals or groups (including faculty/staff/administration for personal use) must complete the “Request-Reservation Off-Campus Group Form” to reserve facilities. Rental fees may be obtained by calling (985) 448-4519 or e-mailing or visiting Rental Fees.
  • Click here for online reservation requests.


General Guidelines

  • Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event date. Reservation requests submitted less than two weeks before an event may be accommodated if the requested area is available. Overtime charges may apply.
  • All room set up needs should be turned in at the time that the facility is requested. Campus departments are responsible for completing their own work orders for non-Student Union room setups.
  • Events scheduled outside of regular Student Union work hours (see below) will incur overtime expense. Overtime will be billed to the requesting organization or department.
  • A Confirmation form and Overtime form (if applicable) will be e-mailed to your organization or department if the requested date, time, and location are available. If the area requested is not available, the requesting organization or department will receive a call or e-mail from the Union Office to discuss other options.
  • Completed forms can be e-mailed to
  • All forms are also available in the Student Life Office. Completed forms may be delivered in person.
  • The University reserves the right to require University Police and support personnel, at the expense of the renter, to monitor any function they deem necessary.
  • Insurance coverage is required for all non- university sponsored events.

Tailgating Guidelines                                                                                                                                               

  • Any outside group that is looking for a reserved spot for tailgating must contact Brandon Ruttley.  
  • Student groups use a gold form “Student Activties Request Form” to request a reserved tailgating spot.  Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event date.  Dr. Tommy Ponson will provide approval.
  • Tents, tables, chairs and electricity are not provided to outside groups or student groups.
  • If a group does not want a reserved spot – they can show up the day of the game and grab any spot still open.  
  • Individuals, families, etc. will be allowed to tailgate in unclaimed areas outside of the student tailgating and athletics family areas.
  • Use of glass containers and mass distribution containers (kegs) is prohibited.  
  • Parking on grass (cars, RVs, etc.) is not allowed.
  • Each group must clear trash and debris from respective area.
  • Music must be courteous to other tailgaters.  Loud music is never allowed once the Nicholls band enters the stadium.
  • Large tents must be secured with cement weights.  If stakes are required – permission must be granted by University
  • Advertising,  Political Activities and Fundraising at athletic events is not allowed by outside groups (this includes individuals, schools, non-profit organizations, etc.). 


Student Union Hours:                                                                                                

Fall and Spring Semesters:
Monday- Thursday               Friday             Saturday           Sunday
7am-9pm                          7am-5pm             Closed            5pm-9pm

Monday- Friday                    Saturday- Sunday
7am-5pm                                   Closed



If you have any questions, please contact Avis Pickens:
Phone: 985.448.4519