Veterans Faculty Advocates

Nicholls State University understands that veterans routinely encounter extraordinary obstacles in their college careers. A 19-year-old freshman can be called up in the middle of a semester and be forced to drop their entire schedule of classes. Returning from oversees deployment, you must re-enter the academic world with a workload that appears insurmountable. You don’t feel like a “traditional” student, and you aren’t-you have chosen to serve your country.

The following individuals are aware of the special challenges facing veterans and would like to help. Our Veterans Advocates are faculty that veterans can call on for information, advice, understanding, or just help working their way through university rules and regulations. Feel free to contact any of the Advocates listed below.

Name Department
Scott Beslin Math
Ellen Barker Languages & Literature
 Helena Richard Nursing
Ashley Munson Dyslexia
Randy Cheramie Culinary Arts
Jean Donegan Art
Amy Hebert University Studies
Todd Keller Nursing
Ray Giguette Computer Science
 David Zerangue Interdisciplinary Studies
John Griffin Manufacturing Technology
Gerard White Allied Health
Stephen Michot History
Marilyn Macik-Frey Management & Marketing
Margaret Stacom Languages & Literature
Linda Stanga Languages & Literature
Joseph Thysell History
Keri Turner Languages & Literature
Ianna West Math
Paul Wilson History