WebDAV Help – MacOS OSX

Apple Macintosh users may find programs to help them access the WebDAV areas, but the easiest way to access the WebDAV systems at Nicholls is to use the functionality built into the MacOS operating system. WebDAV accounts are typically only used for advanced web users, so these instructions are very basic.

Step 1

WebDAV Help MacOS Step 1

While in the Finder, select the Go menu. You should select the option Connect to Server.

Step 2

WebDAV Help MacOS Step 2

In the dialog box you will place the Server Address supplied by the website manager. Usually this address will be similar to the address used to view your documents except it should start with https:// and contain ed- in front of the usual location. Type in the proper address for the WebDAV connection and press connect.

Step 3

WebDAV Help MacOS Step 3

After you press connect you should see a dialog request for your user name and password. The user name and password should be supplied by the Website Manager. Once you have the correct credentials press connect.

Step 4

WebDAV Help MacOS Step 4

Once the connection is established you will probably see the contents of the remote directory. This connection is similar to using a USB key or external disk drive, so the connection can be displayed by using the Finder’s Go menu and selecting Computer. This should display a window with the WebDAV connection visible.

WebDAV Help MacOS Step 4

Please note that these connections may not be saved unless you save them using the options available. If you do not save the connection or create an alias for your connection, then you will have to reconnect using these instructions when your computer is restarted.