WebDAV Help – Windows 7

This guide is meant to help Nicholls users with Windows 7 who access Nicholls web spaces using WebDAV. WebDAV is similar to FTP and allows an account holder to manipulate folders and files using a specialized client. In this case we can use the built-in functionality of Windows 7 to configure a mapped network drive.

Step 1

Open the My Computer window under the Windows Start button and press the text Computer shown on the right to open the My Computer Window.

Windows 7 - WebDAV Start Button

Step 2

In the My Computer window press the button labeled Map Network Drive as shown in the red box.

Windows 7 - WebDAV Map Network Drivw button

Step 3

Enter the special URL for your web space. This will be provided by the Website Manager and typically uses this format:

https://www.nicholls.edu/ed-<my web space>

Please note that it is important to use the ed- prefix and the https:// connection type. You are welcome to chose any drive letter that you feel is appropriate. Be aware of any drive letters typically used by the Nicholls IT Department.

Windows 7 - WebDAV Map URL

Step 4

Login and connect. You will use the username and password as provided by the Website Manager.

Windows 7 - WebDAV Login


Once you’ve logged in to your WebDAV web space, you will be able to access the files similar to any other attached media. You will be able to edit, delete, and rename files.