Nicholls Web Guidelines

These are basic guidelines for the purpose and use of the Nicholls State University web site. Questions about these guidelines or the Nicholls State University website should be directed to the Website Manager by sending email to or by calling (985) 448-4075.

All Nicholls State University departments, organizations, faculty and staff who have a need to share relevant public information are encouraged to have a presence on the University’s Web site. Each department, student organization, or employee may request access to the server to produce Web based documents that can provide information about their department, organization, or relevant Nicholls duties including course information or procedures. Student organizations must have Nicholls State University employed representative or adviser information as part the Web request.

Once the request has been approved, an area will be created as part of the Nicholls web infrastructure for the designated page location provided that it meets the required criteria:

The following information must appear on all pages:

  1. Colleges and Departments must use templates or themes to maintain consistent navigation between Nicholls State University Web sites. Student organizations are not required to use these templates.
  2. Department or organization name and contact information including phone, office location, mailing address, and e-mail address must be available to visitors.

The following must be adhered to:

  1. All links to outside (non-Nicholls) web sites must maintained and checked at least annually.
  2. All material for the web pages must meet standards as defined by the Web Committee.
  3. Copyright and trademark licensing regulations and laws must be followed. When in doubt consult the Web Manager.

All state and federal laws and University policies regarding nondiscrimination, libel, copyright, offensive material, etc., must be obeyed. It is also the intention of the University that pages within the University’s web site are to be constructed in a manner which allows persons with disabilities to obtain essential information.

Inclusion of student organizations on the Nicholls State University Web site is a privilege contingent upon student organizations complying with all University policies and regulations as outlined in the student handbook. Nicholls State University reserves the right to remove the content or link to any student organization’s home page if the University deems the action appropriate or in the best interest of the University.

Inappropriate uses of these resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing copyrighted materials without authorization
  • Providing any materials for personal commercial gain
  • Being compensated for providing materials for any party which is not entitled to use the University’s resources
  • Providing materials whose nature or volume compromises the ability of the server equipment to serve other users’ documents
  • Improper use of Nicholls’ name or logos
  • Using the web pages in a way which violates University policies or applicable state or federal laws

The department is responsible for developing all page content and obtaining the skills necessary for web page creation. All pages should be reviewed at a minimum of once per semester for outdated material. Failure to revise outdated information in a timely manner is grounds for removal of the organization’s link.

Departments are encouraged to be creative within the limitations outlined above. The web is an electronic medium which can be used to promote your organization in an effective manner to a global audience. The page should reflect the ideals and standards of the organization in a positive manner.

Required items to include:

  1. Name of Department or Organization
  2. Mission
  3. Goals
  4. Curriculum
  5. Faculty

Suggested formatting:

  1. Web content should be designed using HTML or XHTML standards and designed for ease of use and visibility on common displays
  2. Departments should make resonable attempts to make content usable by individuals with disabilities.

Please direct any question regarding the content of web pages to the Website Manager, Printing and Publications Building, (985) 448-4075. HTML authoring and publishing help can also be obtained from this office on a limited basis at the discretion of the Web Manager.