Website Requests

University departments, individual faculty members and campus organizations recognized by the University are encouraged to have a presence on the World Wide Web. To request a web space at Nicholls, or to request a Link or Link change to a non-Nicholls web site:

  1. Read theĀ  Web Space Guidelines.
  2. Use the form below OR print, fill out the Web Space Request Form (PDF), and send the form to the Website Manager
  3. For help using your web space please read the help documents.

These entities may use this form to: Request a department, organization, or faculty web space. Request a link to an existing department, organization, or faculty web site.

This form should be completed in its entirety and will be submitted to the Website Manager via e-mail. Please allow at least one week for a response. If you do not receive a response, please send an e-mail to

Campus organizations should provide a Nicholls State University advisor as the primary contact. Faculty and Staff may wish to include a supervisor or department head as the primary contact. The secondary contact should be the personnel performing the actual web site maintenance duties. All student organizations must provide a Nicholls State University e-mail address for the organization or student contact.

The department, individual, or organization and its web page coordinator agree to comply with all Nicholls State University policies and procedures applicable to the appropriateness of use and content of information supplied on or through the University web server. This shall apply to all content provided locally or linked through another source.

The department/organization and its web page coordinator understand that this service is subject to termination without notice for security, operational or policy reasons.

The department/organization and its web page coordinator agree to abide by all copyright/trademark licensing regulations and laws.

The advisor of a student organization realizes they are only responsible to monitor their organization’s pages and notify their organization and the Web Manager when the organization is not in compliance with the University Policy. The Advisor is also required to notify the Web Manager in the event of a change in Advisor or Web Coordinator for the organization.