Web Site Emergency Notice Procedure

The Nicholls State University Web site can be used to issue alerts about the current operational status of the university. Students, parents, faculty and staff, and other visitors and community members can visit the Nicholls Web site during emergency situations and see the status of classes and other information. Class cancellations, university closures, and other useful information can be published in a timely manner.

Publication Procedure

  • A campus emergency and the need to publish a Web based alert should be initiated by the proper Nicholls University officials including the president, vice presidents, Director of University Police, Director of University Relations, Hurricane Planning Committee Chair, or their designees.
  • Once an alert us authorized it should be communicated (at the very least) to the staff in the Office of University Relations.
  • The Website Manager, Web Editor, and Director of University Relations currently have access to the off campus Web-based alert system located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They can publish alerts using the following Web site:
  • Alerts will automatically appear on the Nicholls Web site as a yellow box in a highly visible position.
  • In the event that the Nicholls campus is unable to maintain a connection to the Internet. All Web network traffic will be redirected to http://emergency.nicholls.edu/ using procedures outlined by the Office of University Computer Services.


The Web based campus alert system has been designed to be usable from any computer with modern Web browser software and an Internet connection. Instructions and user account information is available by contacting the Website Manager.