Website Editor Checklist & Notes

Collaboration between Nicholls Website Editors, University Relations, and the Website Manager is necessary to make sure content is accurate, understandable, and positive on the Nicholls website. The efforts of members of the Nicholls community who work to maintain website content for their areas is greatly appreciated. Editors are lifesavers for the Nicholls website, and know more about their departments, procedures, and students needs.

These notes and checklists are available to assist website editors and content maintainers. These are common issues that have been routinely discovered, so editors may wish to check for these issues at least once a semester. If you find additional common issues that would be useful if added to this list, please contact the Website Manager.

Website Checklist for Each Semester

  • Check all website pages for spelling, grammar, or punctuation problems.
  • Check all links to make sure they are going where they should go and beware of “page not found” errors.
  • Check e-mail addresses and links that are supposed to allow visitors to send e-mail messages (mailto). Make sure the e-mail address is correct. Make sure the e-mail links work as intended. Was a new e-mail composed?
  • Look for display issues like strange tables or anything that interferes with properly reading content.
  • Be aware of faculty and staff changes. Remove or add new.
  • Read welcome letters or introduction text on the front page of department websites. Make sure introductions are timely and still relevant.
  • Check your website and programs for organizational changes. Have any programs or organizational changes happened that affect your site or other websites?
  • Check your website for unused or stale content. Do you have a news listing that cannot be updated frequently? Event calendars that are stale with events from two years ago? You may be able to turn off unused features if they are not helping your website communicate to your audience.
  • Simplify your website for your procedures. Clear and short instructions and descriptions do best online. Website visitors often scan content and want instant gratification. At Nicholls we hope they can be informed quickly to meet their educational goals.
  • Changing pictures can freshen up websites. Your website may start to look old to your staff members, but many of your students and visitors may have never been here before. You can use new photos and images to help your website look refreshed without complicated layout changes.

Useful Info for Website Editors