The number of highly recruited, overachieving high school seniors who make Nicholls their university of choice might surprise you. Each fall, the admissions office brings in a diverse group of talented freshmen with high aspirations. Here’s a glimpse at six of our 2013 Colonel freshmen and what attracted them to Nicholls:

kaylee.coleKaylee Cole
Biology/pre-med major from Raceland

“I wanted a place I could call home, a university where people would care about me as a person, not just a student. As a pre-med major, I know I’ll be taking difficult classes, and at Nicholls, the professors are so willing to help. When it came down to making my college decision, I felt I could have more success at Nicholls.”

Look Who's Coming to Nicholls for Voila 2013 Keating McFarlandKeating McFarland
Culinary arts major from Mount Desert, Maine

“I looked at big culinary schools in the Northeast, but I wanted a change of scenery. Plus, I’ve been a trumpet player for 10 years, so I asked my guidance counselor to look for schools where I could pursue culinary and music. I love the atmosphere down here — great food, great music, diverse people.”

Camille Comeaux 2013 Look Who's Coming to Nicholls for Voila!Camille Comeaux
Biology/predentistry major from
Baton Rouge

“I narrowed my college list down to small schools, and when I toured Nicholls, I fell in love with how friendly the people were. It’s also neat because Gouaux Hall is named after my great-grandfather and its auditorium is named after my grandfather. I think they would be tickled to know that I’m now a Nicholls student.”

marina.lillyMarina Lilly
Business administration major
from Dallas

“It came down to three schools, and Nicholls had everything I was looking for — a friendly environment, small class sizes and a successful women’s basketball program that wasn’t too far away from home but not too close either.”

James LeBlanc 2013 Look Who's Coming to Nicholls for Voila!James LeBlanc
Finance major from Bourg

“I applied to two other larger universities, but I decided on Nicholls because of its affordability and its business school accreditation, which is a really big thing. I also own my own business, Elite Home and Lawn Care, so I’ll be able to continue doing that while earning my degree.”

Tyler Chiasson for Voila 2013 Look Who's Coming to NichollsTyler Chiasson
Athletic training major from
Morgan City

“After serving in the U.S. Air Force for six years, I worked offshore for a few months and then realized that I wanted to take advantage of my military benefits to attend college. Nicholls was not only close to home but also offered a welcoming environment for veterans — from social events to help with scheduling classes.”