Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Q&A - 7/28/20

14:21:22	 From Terry Braud : 200 containers of wipes are here on campus.
14:27:01	 From Jay Clune : Jerad, you will be last. Can you share the map of check in locations?
14:34:15	 From Terry Braud : We can also use third party cleaning services to back fill into custodial positions that may be vacant for longer periods.
14:50:17	 From Claire Bourgeois : Thanks
14:56:16	 From Alex Arceneaux : I apologize to the group as I have to join a call with Dr. Riggins at 3 p.m.  Thank you all for everything you do.
14:59:09	 From bclausen : Please excuse me as well as I need to join the conference call with Dr. Riggins.  Please ask Terry B. and he will get with me if the need arises.
14:59:12	 From bclausen : Brian
15:16:44	 From Jerad David : Just to clarify, there are currently 32 checkpoints on that map.
15:22:40	 From Christopher Castille : Muted

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08:46:40 From Claire Bourgeois : On webpage there is no check in point for Shaver gym or Gouaux Hall for the students.

08:47:17 From Jay Clune : Terry? Brian?

08:47:33 From Terry Braud : Claire, we do not have checkpoints in those locations for Summer as we don’t have classes in those spaces.  We will have checkpoints for the Fall semester.

08:47:52 From Claire Bourgeois : Ok

08:48:01 From Alex Arceneaux : I will make sure that is updated on the webpage.

08:48:25 From Terry Braud : Faculty and staff have been encouraged to check in at Dean’s and Department offices.  That practice will likely continue in Fall to grant greater access to students at checkpoints.

09:02:19 From Jerad David : Once we have a list of all checkpoints across campus, I will create a map to post on the webpage identifying those entrances.

09:04:51 From Dennis Guillot : definitely, thank you

09:15:47 From Todd Keller : Regarding Elevator capacity to 2 persons: Will there be any signage asking that elevator use be reserved for those who truly need it…versus just using it for convenience? 

09:17:05 From Jay Clune : Brian? Terry?

09:18:16 From James Stewart : Perry and I tested the audio quality in classroom Tuesday, and it worked well. We are testing computer setup in classrooms Thursday

09:18:33 From Claire Bourgeois : Perry what about classes with Macs?

09:20:05 From bclausen : The elevator limited use at this time is not limited for only those who need them.

09:23:06 From plawless : Claire, All iMacs have cameras built in so we are just making sure all of them have the latest version of Zoom installed.

09:23:33 From Claire Bourgeois : I don’t think the Mac in my classroom has one

09:24:02 From Claire Bourgeois : Or may not have just been working.

09:26:51 From plawless : Please let me know which classroom and I will have someone check on it this week.

09:27:01 From Claire Bourgeois : AYO 118.

09:27:11 From plawless : Thanks

Meeting of COVID-19 Taskforce (2020-07-14 at 12_00 GMT-7)

Faculty Senate E-board/Covid-19 Meeting 06/02/20

COVID-19 Task Force:
Business Administration – Chris Castille
Education – Dennis Guillot
Ellender Library – Elizabeth Batte
John Folse Culinary Institute – Tammy Rink
Liberal Arts – Michele Theriot
Nursing – Tommie Landry
Sciences and Technology – Justine Whitaker

As elected representatives, Faculty Senators are responsible for initiating, reviewing, and recommending policies affecting all segments of the University.

Additionally, your Senator is responsible for being diligent and informed concerning all issues that may be acted upon, and shall be available not only to you, their constituent, but also to all members of the University community. Finally, Senators are empowered by majority vote of the Senate to affirm, amend, remand, or reverse any recommendations made by committees reporting to or through the Senate.

Each faculty member is encouraged to be engaged with the faculty governance on the campus through your respective Faculty Senator.

The meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month at 3:05 pm in the Multipurpose Room on the third floor of Ellender Memorial Library. A monthly call for meeting agenda items is e-mailed to all faculty and includes a reminder of the date, time, and location. All faculty are encouraged to attend. Under the open meetings law, anyone can attend the meeting. However, only senators and invited guests (on the agenda) are allowed to take part in the discussions. The exception is the faculty association meeting, which allows all faculty to participate in the discussions.