Nicholls State University


EGSC 111. Engineering Graphics with Computer Aided Drawing. 2-0-5. Prerequisite: Credit or registration in MATH 102 or 108. Lettering, sketching, and isometric and orthographic projections. Descriptive geometry problems dealing with points, lines, planes, intersections, revolved primary and secondary views, true shapes and sections. Use of conventional drafting instruments. Fundamentals of computer aided drawing including plotting, digitizing, library modules, and drawing file management. (14.0101)

EGSC 222. Geovisualization. 2-0-5. Prerequisite: C or better in EGSC 111. Two and three dimensional graphical methods of communicating and visualizing features of constructed projects. Computer-aided drawing techniques applied to Geomatics problems including plot plans, boundary plats, subdivision plats, tin generation, processing of point clouds and topographic surveys. (14.0101)