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MACO 101. Survey of Mass Communication. 330. Print, broadcast, advertising and public relations and their roles in American society; the concept of freedom of the press; the relationship of press and government and of the press and the public; theory, criticisms, problems and ethical concerns of the media. Open to all students. (09.0101)

MACO 230. Visual Communication. 3-3-0. Familarize students with processes for conveying meaning through the use of images and in conjuntion with text.

MACO 251. News Writing. 3 3 0. Prerequisites: Completion of freshman English and keyboarding skills. Researching and writing news, with emphasis on accuracy, brevity, clarity. (09.0401)

MACO 252. Reporting. 3 3 0. Prerequisite: C or better in MACO 251. Advanced newsgathering, news writing and interviewing techniques. (09.0401)

MACO 261. Photojournalism. 3 0 6. Camera techniques and picture editing for publication. (09.0401)

MACO 271. Broadcast News Writing. 3 3 0. Prerequisite: C or better in MACO 251. Lecture and practice in researching, gathering and writing broadcast news. (09.0402)

MACO 317. Public Relations Writing. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: C or better in MACO 252 and SPCH 101. Fundamentals of public relations writing including news releases, internal communications, and persuasive writing. (09.0902)

MACO 321. Information Technologies for Mass Communication. 3-0-3. Prerequisites: Junior standing or eligibility for 300-level courses. Information gathering and production technologies for new media with emphasis on theoretical underpinnings. Software technologies including social media, desktop publishing, photojournalism, web development and video production and their application in mass communication strategies. Meets computer literacy requirement. Open to all students. (09.0401)

MACO 322.  Publication Design for Mass Communication. 3-0-3. Emphasis on desktop publishing. Production of publications with a personal computer and laser printer using word processing, media graphics, spreadsheets and interactive page layout. Meets computer literacy requirement. (09.0401)

MACO 326. News Editing. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in MACO 252. Prerequisite or co-requisite: MACO 230 or 322. Fundamentals of editing for newspapers and related publications; layout; copy reading and headline writing. (09.0401)

MACO 330. Public Relations. 3-3-0. Effective use of promotion, publicity, advertising, research techniques, internal and external publications and the news media. Open to all students. (09.0902)

MACO 340. Audio in Media. 3-3-0. Theory, research, concepts, skills and tools basic to audio production, including podcasting, radio production, commercial production, and audio journalism. (09.0701)

 MACO 350. Web Design for Mass Communication. 3-3-0. Explores the fundamentals of design for the Web, working with online content management systems and the computer-based tools used for Web design. The course integrates elements of design with specialized software packages. (09.9999)

MACO 355. History and Principles of Mass Communication. 3-3-0. The development in the United States of newspapers, magazines, radio, television, advertising and public relations; ethical principles of American journalism. Open to all students. (09.9999)

MACO 361. Television Production. 3-3-0. Basic procedures for coordinating cameras, microphones, sets, lights and videotapes. (09.0402)

MACO 362. Broadcast Media Workshop. 3-1-4. Practical experience in electronic newsgathering and production techniques. Meets computer literacy requirements. (09.0402)

MACO 370. Law and Ethics of Mass Communication. 3-3-0. Legal and ethical concerns affecting publishing, advertising, broadcasting and public relations. Open to all students. (09.0101)

MACO 380. Advertising Copy and Layout. 3-2-2. Prerequisite: MACO 322. Advertising fundamentals, copy, layout and production. (09.0903)

MACO 390. Internship. 3-0-10. Prerequisites: Mass Communication major, Junior standing, and permission of Department Head. Students intern in a news, public relations or advertising capacity. S or U is assigned upon completion. (09.9999)

MACO 397 398 399. Independent Study. 1-0-3. Study or project coordinated by instructor in conference with student. One, two, or all three courses may be taken. Must be approved by the adviser before registration. Can be repeated for credit. (09.0401)

MACO 401. Broadcast Journalism. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: C or better in MACO 251, 252, and 361. Theory, research, concepts, skills and tools basic to radio and television journalism, including news department operation and news program production. (09.0402)

MACO 402. Broadcast Journalism Workshop. 3-0-3. Prerequisite: C or better or registration in MACO 401. Practical experience in radio and television news writing, videotape news story production, and television news graphics production. (09.0402)

MACO 430. Public Relations Practice and Case Studies. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: C or better in MACO 252, 330 and either 322 or 230. Theory, research, concepts, case studies, and the execution of regular and special projects. (09.0902)

MACO 440. Public Relations Campaigns. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MACO 430. Planning, researching, developing, executing, analyzing, and evaluating public relations campaigns. (09.0902)

MACO 451. Feature Writing. 3-1-6. Prerequisite: MACO 252 or 271. Writing feature and special articles for newspapers and magazines. (09.0401)

MACO 452. Women and Minorities in the Media. 3-3-0. Prerequisite:  Junior Standing. Representation and presentation of women and minorities in the mass media. (09.0902)

MACO 453. Media Research. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MACO 101. Mass communication research methods, including focus groups, surveys, content analysis, statistics, copy testing, audience research, computer application and evaluation. (09.0902)

MACO 455. Public Affairs Reporting. 3-2-3. Prerequisite: MACO 252 or 271. Practical application in researching, news gathering and news writing principles with emphasis on public affairs reporting. (09.0401)

MACO 480. Advertising Concepts and Strategies. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MACO 380. Theory, research and analysis of campaigns and media outlets; the execution of regular and special projects. (09.0903)

MACO 490. Digital Media Convergence. 3-3-0. Capstone course for Mass Communication majors to be taken in final year. Theoretical and practical instruction incorporating audio, video, and graphics in a multimedia environment. (09.0102)

MACO 499. Seminar in Contemporary Mass Communication. 3-3-0. Open to all students. Discussions on various aspects of mass communication. May be repeated for credit if content differs. (09.0902)


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