Glen Pitre Lecture & Film, Wed Feb 11 6-9pm at Peltier Auditorium

The CBYUS is happy to announce an exciting discussion and film showing on Wednesday, Feb 11, from 6-9pm in Peltier Hall Auditorium. The event,  organized by Anke Tonn and Dr. John Doucet, will feature a lecture by Louisiana film-maker Glen Pitre, followed by the showing of his new movie Cigarettes and Nylons.

Details below are pasted from Dr. Doucet’s Invitation.

Glen Pitre lectures in Pelitier Auditorium before showing his film Cigarettes and Nylons to the Nicholls Community.

Glen Pitre lectures in Peltier Auditorium before showing of his film Cigarettes and Nylons to the Nicholls Community.
Glen Pitre lectures in Peltier Auditorium before showing of his film Cigarettes and Nylons to the Nicholls Community.

We hope to see you there!


Please join me on Wednesday evening, 11 February, for a special screening of Cigarettes and Nylons, the recent historical movie from renowned filmmaker Glen Pitre. “The Father of Cajun Cinema” as he has been called, Glen Pitre is a native of Bayou Lafourche, a graduate of Harvard University, and holder of an honorary doctoral degree from Nicholls. He has offered this showing of his new film free to the Nicholls community. The showing is sponsored by the Student Programming Association, the International Film Club, and the Center for Bayou Studies at Nicholls.

The evening will begin with a lecture at 6:00 PM, followed by the film showing at 7:00 PM. All events will be held in Peltier Auditorium.

Cigarettes and Nylon, shot in both France and Louisiana, is an extraordinary film. It is a skillfully crafted period drama built on both strong acting and expert production. In WWII, during brief encounters and stolen moments, 6,500 American recruits married French girls even while fighting their way to Paris and beyond. An overwhelmed U.S. Army set up “cigarette” camps — Camp Chesterfield, Camp Lucky Strike — to “Americanize” the brides before shipping them to the care of in-laws they’d never met. Cigarettes & Nylons follows three young women through hope and disillusionment, love and heartbreak, to a time when even as the world was burning, young hearts were set aflame. Three women in a foreign land, hardly speak the language, don’t know the customs, but vow to be good wives to young men they barely know. The year is 1946. The foreign land is the United States.

A native of Cut Off, LA, Glen Pitre is a screenwriter, director and producer with an impressive filmography: Belizaire the Cajun (1986), Haunted Waters (1998), Hurricane on the Bayou (2006), American Creole: New Orleans Reunion (2006) and Journey Across India (2007), to list but a few.

After the film, the evening will continue with the SPA’s annual Mardi Gras Breakfast-Dance, kicking off at 9:00pm in the Galliano Dining Hall.

Cigarettes and Nylon

Executive Producers

Michelle Benoit & Glen Pitre

Produced by

Denis Poncet & Jean Xavier de l’Estrade

Written by

Jean-Claude Grumberg & Fabrice Cazeneuve

Directed by

Fabrice Cazeneuve

Director of Photography

Pierre Milon

Production Designer

Denis Renault & Monroe Kelly

Wardrobe Designer

Florence Sadaune & Linda Gardar


Adélaide Leroux (star of the Cannes Film Festival Grand Prize winning Flandres), Salomé Stévenin, Mélodie Richard, Jean-Baptiste Fonck, Billy Slaughter, Jessie Terrebone, James Yeargin, Michael Aaron Santos, Louis Hearthum, Geraldine Singer, Morrey McElroy, Sol Gothard, Catherine Lasperches, & Francette Vinet-Izard

A Maha Films production in association with Cote Blanche Productions