Nicholls State University Leadership

Dr. Jay Clune

This isn’t just a job for me. This is my passion. I understand the responsibility with which I have been entrusted. I’m thrilled to be the president because I believe in the value of higher education, I believe in Nicholls State University and I believe in the Bayou Region.

Welcome from Dr. Jay Clune

Thank you for your interest in Nicholls State University. We are proud of our university and are pleased that you are taking time to learn how Nicholls will help you achieve your future goals.

If you are a prospective student and want to achieve your dreams, I can promise you a strong commitment by the faculty and staff to help you succeed. We are here totally for you. We are committed to giving you the best possible “education with a personal touch.”

I invite you to visit our campus and talk to the students, faculty and staff members in the area of study that is of interest to you. You will be pleased to learn that we offer a wide variety of accredited programs to exceed your expectations and meet your educational needs.

If you are a parent of a current or future Nicholls student, I applaud your personal interest in your son or daughter. I assure you that the welfare of students is among our foremost concerns. We are committed to helping your son or daughter succeed in the classroom and, eventually, in his or her chosen career.

If you are a prospective employee, I am pleased that you are exploring the possibility of applying for a position at Nicholls. Nicholls is an equal opportunity institution and is successful because of the commitment and professionalism of its faculty and staff.

If I can be of assistance to you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. You may e-mail me at jay.clune@nicholls.edu or call (985) 448-4003.

Dr. Jay Clune

6th President of Nicholls State University

Executive Vice President for Enrollment and External Affairs

Executive Vice President for Enrollment and External Affairs. A native of southwest Louisiana, Arceneaux holds a bachelor’s degree in general studies and a master’s in education leadership from the University of New Orleans. He is currently working on a doctorate in education leadership specializing in higher education administration at the University of New Orleans. Arceneaux joined the Nicholls family in 2014 as the chief of staff. He has previous experience at Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington, as registrar from 2012 to 2014; and at the University of New Orleans, as interim registrar, associate registrar for operations, executive assistant to the registrar and assistant to the registrar from 2006 to 2012. He is married to Louisiana native Colleen Kudla Arceneaux and they have two sons, Owen and Miles.

Alex Arceneaux

Executive Vice President for Enrollment and External Affairs

Organization Chart

Our Strategic Initiatives

Education should improve the quality of a person’s life, by expanding their possibilities and giving them the tools to succeed professionally and personally.

Educational attainment refers to the highest level of education an individual has completed. Research shows that a higher level of educational attainment has many benefits to society, the economy and the individual’s quality of life. Nicholls State University is committed to providing a quality education to its diverse student populations to prepare them to adapt to the changing needs of industry and to be engaged, productive citizens.

Nicholls is also committed to increasing the number of students served by the institution, especially reaching out to more non-traditional populations. Increasing the success rates among all populations of students will be achieved through support programs to provide everyone the best possible learning experience. Nicholls strives to give all of its students a sense of belonging and a foundation to achieve their goals and serve the needs of the region.

The goals below are focused on improving the level of educational attainment at Nicholls:
1.1 Grow enrollment in all populations
1.2 Improve student success
1.3 Provide high-quality academic programs that meet the needs of the student and the region
1.4 Maintain high student satisfaction

Economic development is the process by which a region improves the socioeconomic well-being of its people.

Nicholls is focused on providing programs that meet the needs of the region and prepares students to be competitive in the global job market. Nicholls works closely with regional businesses to provide a workforce that is ready to meet the industry’s current needs and to adapt to a changing world.

Nicholls will support research and scholarly activities that increase knowledge in academic disciplines that benefit the region.

2.1 Enhance external relationships
2.2 Maintain high alumni satisfaction and engagement
2.3 Produce quality graduates to fill workforce needs and be engaged citizens
2.4 Promote achievements of the university
2.5 Support a climate of research and scholarly activity

Nicholls State University strives to be a good steward of its resources. Its greatest resource is people, therefore retaining high quality faculty and staff through the creation of an environment of support and a sense of belonging in the institution will be a focus. Nicholls is aware of the cost of higher education and is committed to remaining affordable while also supporting students financially.

Financial resources are also critical to the operation of the university. Making sound financial decisions and improving processes are essential. Optimizing facilities to better serve students and providing more resources for faculty are keys to being good stewards.

3.1 Grow financial resources
3.2 Continuously improve workflow
3.3 Maintain highly qualified faculty and staff
3.4 Develop facilities that support student success and economic development

Dr. Sue Westbrook

Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs directly supports the vision of the University, to be the intellectual, economic, and cultural heart of the Bayou Region. Our mission is to deliver accredited degree programs and comprehensive learning experiences to prepare students for regional and global professions within a spirited campus environment immersed in Bayou Region culture. The immediate goals of Academic Affairs are student opportunity and success, innovation, internationalization, and serving the needs of the region. Ongoing initiatives include growing a financially viable university, providing a quality workforce and citizens for the Bayou Region, and maintaining high student/alumni satisfaction with the Nicholls experience. Our efforts surround cultivating a climate for innovative teaching and research, sustaining optimal enrollment, enhancing external relationships, optimizing program offerings, and maintaining regional and specialized accreditations.

Vice Provost

A native of Morgan City, Louisiana, Keller earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Nicholls State University and his Master of Science in Nursing from University of Phoenix, New Orleans campus. His Doctorate of Nursing Science was earned from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.

Keller joined the Nicholls faculty in 1999 as an assistant professor of nursing and has held many different positions within the College of Nursing & Allied Health and Department of Nursing including Director of Continuing Nursing Education, Assistant to the Department Head, Coordinator of Recruitment, Retention, Admissions, and Progression, and BSN Program Director. Having worked on two accreditation cycles for the BSN program and renewing accreditation of the continuing nursing education program, he also holds the credential of certified nurse educator.

Dr. Todd M. Keller

Vice Provost

Terry Braud Jr., CPA

Vice President for Finance and Administration

Vice President for Finance and Administration

Terry Braud Jr., a Houma native, is Nicholls State University’s vice president of finance and administration.

Braud came to Nicholls in August 2016 with more than 32 years of experience as an accountant, controller, vice president of administration and senior vice president and CFO at Cross Holdings, where he also served as board secretary and treasurer. He also taught business at South Louisiana Vocational-Technical School, now Fletcher Technical Community College, and served on the Vandebilt Catholic High School Advisory Council for 12 years.

In his role at Nicholls, he is responsible for chief financial officer duties and overseeing additional departments such as Auxiliary Services, Human Resources, Maintenance, Purchasing and the Nicholls Police Department.

The Nicholls accounting graduate is a certified public accountant and licensed notary. He is also a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the Society of Louisiana Certified Public Accountants.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

“I am humbled and excited for this opportunity to make an even greater impact on the student experience.”

Dr. Michele Caruso

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Office of Development

Monique Crochet, M.Ed.

Title: Executive Director for External Affairs
Department: University Development
Email: monique.crochet@.nicholls.edu
Phone: 985-448-4110
Office Location: 125 Elkins Hall

Jeremy Becker, MBA, CFRE

Title: Executive Director of Nicholls Foundation
Department: Nicholls Foundation
Email: jeremy.becker@nicholls.edu
Phone: 985.448.4006
Office Location: 125 Elkins Hall

Hillary Charpentier, M.Ed.

Title: Development Officer
Department: University Development
Email: hillary.charpentier@nicholls.edu
Phone: 985-448-4234
Office Location: 125 Elkins Hall

Mary (Mitzi) Jackson, M.D.

Title: Development Faculty Fellow
Department: University Development
Email: mary.jackson@nicholls.edu
Phone: 985-448-4020
Office Location: 125 Elkins Hall

Student Leadership

Emma Bourgeois, President

Markaylen Wiltz, Vice President

Office Phone: 985.448.4559
Email: sga.vpresident@nicholls.edu

Carley Morvant, Treasurer

Office Phone: 985.448.4558
Email: sga.treasurer@nicholls.edu

Ethan Adams, Director of Student Rights and Grievances

Office Phone: 985.448.4561
Email: sga.rights@nicholls.edu

Emily Ledet, Director of Public Relations

Office Phone:  985-448-4556
Email: sga.pubrelations@nicholls.edu