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Thank you for taking the time to visit the official website of your Nicholls State University Student Government Association. This site has been designed to keep you informed of the overall purpose, goals and activities of your Student Government Association. It is our desire to provide greater access to services, resources and information to improve the quality of life for ALL Nicholls community members.

Stay Informed

Stay informed by checking your university e-mail accounts regularly! Notices about scholarship opportunities, upcoming events, job opportunities and university notices (i.e., school closures) are all distributed through your university e-mail account.

Visit the SGA website often for updates about important issues.

Know Your Rights

The SGA Director of Student Rights and Grievances, Peyton Chiasson (985.448.4561) is available to assist students in resolving many problems encountered on campus, such as, academic, disciplinary and parking appeals.

Be sure to become familiar with the Code of Student Conduct (specifically pages 10-26 & 36) which outlines procedures for filing academic, disciplinary, parking appeals and general grievances and the related appeals processes.

The services of Attorney Andrew Wise are available to all students (by appointment) for FREE legal advice and notary services. Attorney Wise is available on scheduled days throughout the  year. Click here for the schedule.

Exercise Your Rights

VOTE! Make it a point to vote in EVERY opportunity that comes your way!

Cast your vote for Presidents, Mayors, Amendments, Homecoming Kings/Queens, Mascots…you get the picture!

Get Involved

The Student Government has openings on the Student Senate, Student Supreme Court and Election Commission. All offer great opportunities to represent fellow students. Detailed descriptions for each of these positions can be found in the SGA Constitution and Bylaws.

The SGA also sponsors events and programs aimed at getting students involved in their campus and community.

Increase Your Knowledge

Make good use of the library hours and individual study rooms located on the second floor of the library.

It is the commitment of the Student Government Association to serve as the voice of all students, promote school spirit and enhance of Nicholls State University. I look forward to seeing you around campus. Please feel free to contact Student Government at 985.448.4557.

Maintain Your Health

Student Health Insurance is now optional. There will no longer be a mandatory student health insurance fee charged. This means that you will not see a charge on your fee bill for the student medical/health insurance.  There is an optional policy that you may select.

Copies of the insurance brochures are available in our office and at University Health Services. For an online version of the brochure, Click Here. For a Paper Enrollment Form, Click Here. For an Online Enrollment Form, Click Here.

Students carrying 7 or more hours for the Fall or Spring semester (4+ hours for summer) will still be able to use Health Services. For additional information, visit the University Health Services Web site

Questions or Concerns about Campus??

Click here to express them!





SGA Headshots Spring 2016 (Photo by Misty Leigh McElroy/Nicholls State University) 4/18/16
Tommy Thibodeaux , SGA President


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    Click Below for Application

    Petition 2016 


    1. Be sure to complete all your personal information.


    1. Be sure to sign the petition in script. This allows the SGA to check your records to make sure you are a full time freshman, (at least 7 hours or more).


    1. Return petition to the SGA office by 4:30 P.M. DEADLINE.


    1. Before you begin campaigning you must attend a Candidates Meeting. TIME AND LOCATION TO BE DETERMINED AT A LATER DATE. At this meeting all election rules and regulations will be explained to you. CANDIDATE MUST ATTEND THIS MEETING IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR ELECTION.


    1. Candidate will be responsible for removing all campaign material from campus within 48 hours following end of election. Failure to do so will result in a fine of up to $50 per sign/advertisement per day. This fine will be entered as indebtedness on candidate's financial record until paid in full.


    1. After election results will be posted. Those elected will receive a letter, at the beginning of term, listing dates of meetings. You will be expected to attend all meetings of the SGA.



    -           Serve on at least two (2) SGA committees.

    -           Serve on university committees--keep senate informed.

    -           For every SGA mandated event, participate at least one half (1/2) hour.

    -           Represent constituents of your educational college through regular contact.

    -           Make weekly senate meetings (Mondays at 4:00 p.m.)

    -           Bring legislation before Senate.

    -           Understand parliamentary procedure, leadership techniques and group dynamics.

    -           Understand the SGA Constitution and Bylaws and the policies and procedures contained therein.

    -           Distribute copies of all pertinent information dealing with legislation they authored to each Senator 24 hours before meeting at which it is to be presented.

    -           One Senator from each college is required to post printed copies of the SGA minutes on their respective college bulletin boards within the week of the regular meeting.


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