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Your choice in finding a quality university and pursuing a quality education can by a difficult choice, however Nicholls State University has the tools in place to assist you with your decision. As an incoming freshman, your opportunities are endless! Nicholls offers competitive scholarships and students from outside the state of Louisiana may be eligible for a fee waiver if they meet certain criteria. You may be interested in learning more about Placement Information.

First-time Freshman Admission Requirements

First-time Freshman Admissions Requirements
Students under the age 25 who have never attended any college (or other postsecondary institution) must satisfy the minimum admission standards for freshman described below. This includes students enrolled in the fall term who attended college for the first time in the prior summer.

Louisiana high school graduates must meet all of the following:

  • Completion of the Regents’ Core 4 Curriculum (19 units) , beginning with the class of 2012; and minimum overall high school GPA of 2.0
  • Have at least a 21 ACT composite score, 1060 SAT composite score OR a minimum overall high school GPA of 2.35/4.0; and
  • Have no need for a developmental English or math course.
  • Out-of-state high schools, home school, or non-state approved high school graduates must meet one of the following:
  • Meet the same criteria as students who graduated from a Louisiana high school as listed above; or
  • Have at least a 23 ACT composite score or 1130 SAT composite score and have no need for a developmental English or math course.; or
  • Meet the minimum core GPA on at least 17 units of the required HS Core 4 Curriculum, with at least a 21 ACT composite score or 1060 SAT composite score and a minimum overall high school GPA of 2.35/4.0.
  • All students are encouraged to apply even if they do not meet all requirements. Such applications will be reviewed on an individual basis and an admissions decision will be made considering each applicant’s potential for success and will include factors such as ACT score, SAT score, special talents, and the University’s commitment to a demographically diverse student population.
  • Students who receive their GED or graduate from Non-Accredited Home School Programs who are under the age of 25 must submit ACT or SAT scores with a minimum 23 ACT composite score or 1130 SAT composite score in order to be admitted and demonstrate no need for remedial coursework.
  • Nicholls State University does not discriminate against students who do not have social security numbers. The admissions requirements are the same as those of US citizens who graduate from Louisiana High Schools.
  • If you are age 25 or older, and have never been to college, you are classified as an adult learner. Before being admitted to the university, you will have to provide ACT scores, SAT scores or take the Accuplacer placement tests and provide a copy of your high school transcripts or GED. To determine the age of the applicant for admissions purposes, take the year in which the student will start (example: Fall 2011). Then subtract the birth year from the calendar year to determine age. (example: born in 1981: 2011-1981=30)

To determine their placement, adult learners are eligible to take the ACT test or the Accuplacer test. The Accuplacer is a placement test that provides placement in English and Math. For more information, please contact the Testing Office at 985-493-2599.


Nicholls welcomes you back! In order to return to Nicholls as a student, you simply need to complete an application for admission and submit any transcripts from other universities you may have attended since you were last here. You must also be eligible to return (i.e. not on academic suspension).

Undergraduate Former Students Admission Requirements

Students under the age 25 who have never attended any college (or other postsecondary institution) must satisfy the minimum admission standards for freshman described below. This includes students enrolled in the fall term who attended college for the first time in the prior summer.


The Transfer Student Resource Center is committed to easing the transition for new students by providing transcript evaluation and course articulation services, by connecting students to academic departments for assistance with advising and registration, and by offering a special transfer orientation seminar designed to introduce university programs and services.

Transfer Student Requirements

Students desiring to transfer to Nicholls State University who have graduated from high school and attempted college coursework after graduation must meet the minimum admissions criteria listed below:

  • earned a transferrable Associate degree (AA or AS) or higher


  • earned at least 18 non-developmental hours with at least a 2.0 college level GPA on those courses; and
  • have completed college-level English and Mathematics

Students who wish to transfer to Nicholls, but do not have the minimum 18 college level hours earned must also meet the admissions requirements for first-time freshman.

Additional Information

All students are encouraged to apply even if they do not meet all requirements. We have the opportunity to admit by exception a percentage of transfer students who do not meet the minimum standards but are eligible to enroll in college-level English and math.


Nicholls State University has welcomed international students from throughout the world since 1954. The University continues to extend a warm Cajun welcome to our growing  global community.


International Student Requirements

Admission and Document requirements:

Freshman International
Transfer International
Graduate International

Please note the deadlines for completing the application process.
Spring:  October 15th
Fall:  July 1st

International Students should submit the online application, fee and send the required documents as early as possible to allow for timely processing for the application and immigration documents.

For more information regarding graduate programs and requirements visit International Graduate Admission Requirements page.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Admissions with questions regarding International Admissions at:

“What makes Nicholls different than other universities is its size. Students benefit by being able to talk to their professors one on one because they are very welcoming and will help anyone who needs help. Our love for one another at this school is phenomenal.”


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nicholls master of business administration students

University Graduate Studies Programs


  • School Psychology (Specialist)

Master of Arts

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Teaching

Master of Business Administration

  • Evening MBA
  • Online MBA
  • Hybrid MBA
  • Executive MBA

Master of Education

  • School Counseling
  • Educational Leadership
  • Curriculum and Instruction

Master of Science

  • Community/Technical College Mathematics
  • Marine and Environmental Biology
  • Nursing

Certification and Non-Degree Programs

  • Dietetic Internship Graduate Certificate Program
  • Non-Master’s Alternative Certification Program (Education)

Students interested in attending graduate school at Nicholls need to fill out the Online Application for Admission. Please note that the application fee of $20 US ($30 International) is required in order for your application to be processed. Students may also need to request their transcripts from another university. You may do so by downloading and completing a Record Request Form.

After completing this information, please contact the department of graduate studies at the following number(s) for more information:

Arts & Sciences: (985) 448-4388
Business Administration: (985) 448-4241
Education: (985) 448-4331
Nursing: (985) 448-4184
Graduate Certificate Dietetic Internship program: (985) 448-4732

Please note that applications for admission are received by the Office of Admissions, however admission decisions are made by the respective programs. Additional information may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Studies.

International students interested in pursuing a graduate degree must meet the International Graduate Admission Requirements.