International students interested in graduate school should submit an online application, pay the application fee and send the other required documents as early as possible to allow for timely processing of both the application and immigration documents. If you have questions about Visa procedure or immigration documents please contact the International Student Services (ISS) . Any other questions about the application process or admission to the University should be directed to the Office of Admissions

Graduate Checklist

Complete the application and pay the $30 processing fee.

Apply under the TRADITIONAL STUDENT column, click here.

Some graduate programs require official test scores (GRE, GMAT) as part of the admissions process. For detailed program requirements visit Nicholls Graduate Studies.

Nicholls School Code for GMAT and GRE:  6221


This requirement is waived if the student is from a country where English is the native language, e.g.: Australia, United Kingdom, Nigeria, etc. Proof of English proficiency is also waived for international students who completed an undergraduate degree at a U.S. university. 

SAT Writing and Language sub-score*28
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing*500
ACT English*21
ACCUPLACER Next-Generation Writing**250
ELS level 112Completion
Graduation from U.S. UniversityTranscripts

*Have your SAT or ACT sent to Nicholls directly by the testing center. (Nicholls’ SAT School Code – 6221 or Nicholls’ ACT School Code –1580).

**ACCUPLACER testing must be arranged through Nicholls Admissions.

All international students must submit documentation showing sufficient financial support.

An (1) Affidavit of Support Form AND (2) a current statement from a bank or financial institution is needed to verify financial ability.

If an applicant provides a recent bank statement, it is NOT required that they have the bank sign and stamp the 3rd section of their Affidavit of Support Form.  

Scholarship recipients may offset this amount with the value of their approved scholarship award.  

All enrolled Nicholls students must provide written proof of immunization, but it is not required for initial admission.  Please complete this proof of immunization compliance form.

In the case of a medical or philosophical exemption, please request an exemption on the 2nd page of the immunization form.

Visit the Health Services Immunization page for more information.