Nicholls State University is a community of students, faculty, and staff. The touchstones for student success lie in the pursuit of truth, learning and maintaining high standards in academics and social engagement.

Over 100 student organizations call Nicholls State University home. They cover a broad range of interests: the arts, music, politics, pre-professional, recreational, sports, religion and social activities, to list but a few. There are ample options to explore and something for everyone. By joining an organization, you have opportunities to meet and socialize with students sharing similar interests, as well as contribute to campus life. Students are encouraged to join organizations to extend learning beyond the classroom and develop social skills.

Your engagement in campus life will open doors to new ideas, personal development and build wonderful, lasting memories with lifelong friends.


Student Organization Manual

The Student Organization Manual has been updated and is the essential resource for policies and procedures to manage student organizations and events.

Download the Student Organization Manual