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The time a student spends at a university is a time for growth: both in academics and in extra-curricular activities. Having your student away from home for the first time can be overwhelming, but, let Nicholls State University provide you with the resources to properly support your student as they navigate the collegiate experience.

Nicholls is home to many student organizations covering a broad range of interests: arts, music, politics, pre-professional, recreational, religion, sports and social activities. By becoming involved with a campus organization, your student has the opportunity to meet and socialize with students sharing similar interests and to participate in student-led activities, gaining leadership skills that can apply to the classroom and beyond.

Nicholls invites parents and families to join their student(s) for a fun day cheering on the Colonels in Guidry Stadium – complete with pre-game inflatables and games for kids of all ages, live music, educational activities hosted by campus departments, concessions, and more!

  • Application Information
    • Does FERPA give me a right to see the education records of my son or daughter who is in college?
      When a student turns 18 years old or enters a postsecondary institution at any age, all rights afforded to you as a parent under FERPA transfer to the student (“eligible student”). However, FERPA provides ways in which a school may—but is not required to-share information from an eligible student’s education records with parents, without the student’s consent. For example:
      • Schools may disclose education records to parents if the student is claimed as a dependent for tax purposes.
      • Schools may disclose education records to parents if a health or safety emergency involves their son or daughter.
      • Schools may inform parents if the student, if he or she is under age 21, has violated any law or policy concerning the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled substance.
      • A school official may generally share with a parent information that is based on that official’s personal knowledge or observation of the student.
  • Financial Aid
    • Welcome to the Nicholls State University Office of Financial Aid! We’re here to help you. In order to learn as much as possible about applying and receiving financial aid, please make your selection from the menu on the left. Most full-time undergraduate students at Nicholls depend upon financial assistance to pay their educational costs. A student unable to meet the cost of an education at Nicholls with personal or family resources should apply for financial aid.

      Financial aid alternatives available are in the form of grants, scholarships, loans and employment opportunities. Regardless of income, residence or academic credentials, students should apply for financial aid. Some students who believe they are ineligible for assistance learn that they are eligible.

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  • Housing Information
    • Living on campus connects you to the Nicholls community better than any other living option. With many attractions and events on campus like athletic games, crawfish day, and homecoming, living on campus keeps you close to the action. You’ll also have the opportunity to live down the hall from diverse groups of people and people in the same major as you. Student’s on-campus often feel more connected than students who don’t and typically make better grades.
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  • Student Employment
    • The Student Employment Office has been established to centralize information about employment opportunities, to provide standardized practices and procedures for student employment, to prevent discrimination, and to increase the number and variety of available jobs both on campus and in the community.
  • Greek Organizations
    • The Office of Greek Life provides oversight and guidance to the fraternities and sororities at Nicholls State. We also actively oversee chapter events, serve as a liaison between faculty, advisors, national offices, and parents, develop values-based leadership development programming, monitor the academic performance of fraternity and sorority members, and recognize the positive achievements and contributions of community members.
  • Student Organizations
    • Nicholls State University is a community of students, faculty, and staff. The touchstones for student success lie in the pursuit of learning, personal growth, and engagement in campus life. Students actively involved in campus life improve their academic performance, develop leadership skills, participate in Colonel traditions and make life-long friends.
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