Welcome to the University Honors Program

We appreciate your visit to our Web site, and we hope that you’ll join us soon. The University Honors Program is dedicated to making your college years greater.  In the process, we allow you to grow and become greater.

Our renowned honors professors mentor you in small classroom settings, producing a personalized learning environment and empowering your creativity and expression. Our Honors Student Center allows you to write, study and relax between classes. Our academic programs allow enhanced study and scholastic experiences, taking you to places around the state and the world and allowing you to make original contributions to your field of study.

Each year, spots on extended study trips to England and Costa Rica are reserved so that you may experience world cultures.

We created this program for outstanding students just like you.

Oliver Wendell Holmes noted of the remarkable growth and architecture of the Chambered Nautilus that “Each new temple (is) nobler than the last.” University Honors Students have adopted this poetic line as their motto, realizing that each experience in the University Honors Program indeed makes their lives and their futures greater.

Imagine a classroom with a small number of high caliber students under the direction of an accomplished professor. You can ask questions and provide comments in an energetic, intelligent and sharing atmosphere.

Can you see it? That’s the University Honors Program.

Imagine yourself a senior, one year away from entering the competitive world of employment or graduate or professional school. Luckily, you have already begun to conduct independent research in your major, making an intellectual contribution to your field of study while still an undergraduate.

Imagine yourself as the top candidate for a position because you have this experience and courage and motivation. That’s the University Honors Program.

Imagine yourself wearing the University Honors Award medal at graduation and presenting your official university transcript bearing Honors Certification to employers and admissions committees. You enter the world having achieved the most out of your undergraduate years and becoming all that you were meant to become.

That’s the University Honors Program and Nicholls has created this program for you.

The University Honors Program will enhance your academic experience as a high-achieving and highly motivated student, creating for you a community of creativity and excellence. Within the classroom, you’ll receive a personalized education through innovative teaching and limited class size. Outside the classroom, you’ll enjoy exclusive privileges, such as, a dedicated study center, first-day registration, special lectures and travels and opportunities for independent research and international study.

Honors students share a desire to become the best they can be. They are goal-oriented and hardworking, ready to face challenges, offer solutions and enjoy university life.

That’s the University Honors Program. Join us today!