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For a full list of policies and procedures please see the 2017-2018 Housing Handbook

In an effort to provide the best possible living/learning environment in and around the residence halls at Nicholls State University, the following rules and regulations have been enacted. Students should familiarize themselves with this document and follow them carefully. All rules and regulations are designed to create an atmosphere that is conducive to study, sleep, relaxation and at the same time provide opportunities for living and learning experiences for all resident students. Enforcement of residence hall regulations, including application of appropriate sanctions for minor violations will be handled by Residence Life staff. Procedures will follow those outlined in the 2017-2018 Housing Handbook.

 1. To be eligible for University Housing one must:

– Be a full-time Nicholls State University student.
– Have a completed Nicholls State University housing/food service contract and paid deposit, and
– Promptly meet all University-related financial obligations.

 2. Residents are required to carry their room key and ID card with them at all times. Residence hall staffs are not responsible for opening residents’ rooms. Repeated lock-outs will result in a fee.

3. Pets (with the exception of fish) are prohibited in the residence hall.

4. Bicycles cannot be stored in the rooms, stairways, or halls. All bicycles must be kept outside in the racks.

5. Fire regulations prohibit hot plates and any appliance that requires use of oil in the residence halls. Microwave ovens are allowed in the rooms. All cooking, with the exception of microwave cooking, must be done in the kitchen area.

6. The use of candles or other flammable materials is prohibited. Use of incense or room sprays which are capable of activating a fire alarm system is prohibited.

7. Soliciting is not permitted in the residence halls.

8. Quiet hours are to be respected by all persons in the residence halls from 10:00 p.m. – 10:00 a.m., Sunday through Thursday and 1:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m., and Friday and Saturday. Twenty-four hour study/quiet hours will be in effect during mid-term and final exam week.

9. All residents must have their cars registered with University Police and must have a valid parking decal. Illegally parked cars are subject to towing. Any car parked in a handicapped space that does not have a handicapped license plate WILL be towed at the owner’s expense. No exceptions.

10. All residents are responsible for their rooms. All facilities are considered part of the room, such as doors, locks, closets, windows, beds, telephone jacks, chairs, desks, walls, etc. The use of nails, tacks and glue on residence hall room doors, walls, ceilings and/or floor is prohibited. Water beds are prohibited. Roommates are held equally liable for damages done to their room. Suite mates are held equally liable for damage done to shared areas of the suite. Note: All residence hall students’ area considered equally responsible for residence hall “commons” facilities such as elevators, television lounges, kitchen areas, lobbies, hallways, game rooms, and stairwells. Residents may add furniture of their own but may not remove any existing furniture from the rooms. Furniture from the lobby area, game rooms, television rooms, etc., is to remain there and not to be moved into individual rooms.

11. All residents moving out of the residence hall must follow the proper checkout procedures. These procedures are available from your RA and/or the Housing Office.

12. Residence halls are closed during the summer, semester breaks, and holidays except for those designated as break housing halls. Anyone needing accommodations during these times should make arrangements to live in a break housing hall.

13. Anytime a residence hall fire alarm system is activated, all persons in the residence hall MUST evacuate immediately according to the residence hall emergency exit procedures. Tampering with fire safety equipment is not allowed.

14. In order to protect the safety and welfare of students, employees, and guests of each residence hall, and to protect the property of the University, it is required that any person in or around the residence hall facility or in attendance at a residence hall function present identification upon request of a University employee. (Note: Residents are required to present identification when entering residence halls.)

15. Guests must properly check in at the lobby desk. Guests who are 17 years of age or under must be accompanied by their parent or guardian. Proper identification (picture ID) is required. Residents must accompany their guest(s) at all times while they are in the residence hall. During visitation hours, as posted in each residence hall, students of the opposite sex are allowed to visit a student’s room.

16. Overnight guests of students must be 18 years of age or older. Guests must check in at the front desk before staying. The fee for any guests to stay overnight is $12.00/night. Guests of the opposite sex are not allowed to stay overnight except in the Brady Complex.

17. Firearms, ammunition, explosives, fireworks or other dangerous weapons are not allowed in or around the residence halls.

18. Illegal drugs and alcohol are not permitted in the residence halls.

19. Students are not allowed to paint any of the furnishings in a residence hall room.

20. Smoking and use of all tobacco is prohibited inside and outside of ALL buildings including student rooms, common areas such as hallways, stairwells, lobby areas, kitchens, lobby restrooms and elevators. In addition, E-cigarettes and vaporizers may not be utilized in campus residential facilities or within 25 feet of the entrance of any residential facility.