Student Policy and Procedure Manual
(Previously Student Code of Conduct)


Violation of COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines Reporting Form
Non Academic Misconduct Violation Form
Sexual Assault Incident Reporting Form




Nicholls State University is an educational institution dedicated to fostering intellectual achievement personal development, social responsibility, and is committed to human dignity and worth of every person. The mission of Nicholls State University extends beyond instruction and requires that the University maintain and improve programs that support and encourage the development of good character and responsible citizenship.

Acceptance of admission to Nicholls carries with it an obligation for the welfare of the community. As such, Nicholls expects the highest standard of personal conduct from its students. The Division of Student Affairs is committed to providing a student-centered, values-rich, co-curricular education. Dignity, excellence, wholeness, inclusiveness, and compassion are key values conducive to the pursuit of knowledge and to personal development.

Nicholls State University fully supports and fosters a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, and veteran’s status, or any other status or classification prohibited by federal, state, or local law.

It is the intention of these Standards to clarify behaviors essential to the University’s educational mission and community life. These Standards are applicable to all students. It is equally applicable to recognized student organizations.

By accepting admission to Nicholls State University, a student accepts Nicholls’ rules and acknowledges the right of the University to take action, up to and including suspension or dismissal.



The Nicholls Creed

As a member of the Nicholls State University community, I believe in the values that promote citizenship, concern for self and others, and the desire to build a better world. To these ends, I pledge myself to the following:

I will value all members of the Nicholls community, respecting and appreciating their differences.

I will hold myself and others to the highest standards of academic, personal and social integrity.

I will conduct myself civilly in all things.

I will think before I act and will accept responsibility of my words and my actions.

I will challenge what is wrong.

I will strive to make Nicholls State University a safe and clean educational environment.

I will respect the rights and the person of all human beings and will avoid all acts of violence and abuse.

I will respect my body by not abusing it.

I will continuously work to improve my community, now and in the future.

I will afford myself the best opportunity to succeed.