The Conduct and Accountability Office manages all non-academic misconduct allegations for the undergraduate and graduate community at Nicholls State University.  The focus of the inquiry in judicial proceedings shall be to determine if the individual, group, or organization is “responsible” or “not responsible” for violation of the Standards of Conduct. The student conduct process is fundamentally different from criminal and civil court procedures.  The judicial process at Nicholls grants a student the opportunity to learn. In doing so, students should hopefully gain a better understanding of their personal development.  The Director of Conduct and Accountability is primarily responsible for day to day implementation of the Student Conduct Program.  The Academic Dean is responsible for handling issues that relate to violations of Academic Cheating or Plagiarism or disruptive behavior related to classroom or academic activity.



The University may take action other than by regular published procedures in any case where conduct or a condition exists which could endanger the health or safety of any individual or which has or may cause disruption of the University Community



Students are provided a copy of the Standards of Conduct in the form of the following link on the University’s website: Students are responsible for knowing and complying with the Standards of Conduct, and any special instructions and directives announced by the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dean of Students, or designee. Ignorance is not an acceptable justification for committing violations of the Standards, special instructions, or directives. Lack of intent or awareness of the Standards or other University policies will not be accepted as excuses for violations and will generally receive the same consequences as deliberate violations.