Tailgate Policy

Student Tailgating Guidelines

Student Tailgating Guidelines 2023-2024 Academic Year

Revised 10/4/2023

  • Registering to tailgate in the student area is REQUIRED. All students participating in this event are required to have knowledge of and follow all laws, University policies, and the Student Policy and Procedure Manual. These can be found at This process will typically be repeated for each home game. Registered Student Organizations and Greek Organizations can register on the Presence website. All others can contact the Student Engagement Staff located in the Dean of Students Office.
  • Tailgating will be limited to athletic events in a manner and in areas deemed acceptable by the University.
    • Areas deemed acceptable by the University:
      • Area adjacent to the Barker Hall parking lot,
      • Area connected to Guidry Stadium,
      • Area connected to Didier Baseball Field,
      • Area connected to Softball Field,
      • Parking lot across from Stopher Gym (near Tennis Court) {subject to change}.
  • For home games that occur during a regular school day, tailgating activities will be allowed after 4:00 m. For home games that occur on weekends and holidays, tailgating will be allowed beginning five (5) hours prior to the start of the game.
    • Unloading must be completed by three (3) hours prior to start of game.
      • Groups must list the names of individuals who will be doing the unloading on the tailgate request form so that UP will allow them in (particularly for football games).
    • Early access for cooking items that require a longer cooking time is only allowed for the homecoming game(s) and must be approved in advance by the Dean of Students.
      • The number of individuals allowed early access for cooking will be limited to three (3).
      • No alcohol will be allowed during the early access.

Food and Drink

  • Cooking on-site – Cooking at tailgate WILL be allowed.
    • NO OPEN burning is allowed  (trash piles, fire pits, bonfires, etc.)
  • It is recommended that the university food service vendor be considered first for student tailgating.
  • Student groups with approval to tailgate may bring and cook their own food or donated food/drink and may only distribute it to students within their own group.
  • University student groups (SPA, SGA) who provide food and drink for all students in the tailgate are not required to purchase it through the university food service vendor.
  • It must only be distributed to currently enrolled Nicholls students.
  • Pre-prepared food should be purchased from the university food service vendor.
  • The university and the university food service vendor are not responsible for any impact of food or drinks consumed by students or the public that they (the university and the food service vendor) did not provide directly.
    • The safety of the food and drink not provided by the University or its food service vendor is the responsibility of those providing it.
    • It is the responsibility of the student groups and associated individuals who are providing and/or consuming the food/drink to know and implement current food safety practices as governed by the Board of Health and ServSafe.
  • Spaces will not be assigned to groups except for special event needs.
    • All participants will provide their own tailgating supplies.
    • Once the student group has set up in their tailgating space, a member of the group should remain.
    • Group members may not move other groups’ tailgating supplies that are set up.

*Disciplinary action may be taken against a group or individual that removes/relocates other groups tailgating supplies.

  • The representative(s) who completed the registration for the Tailgating Spot must be available at the designated tailgate spot throughout the duration of the tailgate.
  • Groups and individuals are required to maintain the ground area they are using. Adequate garbage cans and garbage bags will be provided. Individuals or groups not maintaining the grounds will be asked to do so.
    • Failure to comply with requests made by staff may result in eviction from the campus grounds for the remainder of the calendar day and appropriate follow-up actions will be taken.
  • All tailgates must be shut down and tailgaters must leave the area 30 minutes after the game.
    • All setups are allowed to remain in place during and after the game.
    • Tents, chairs, and other items must be removed no later than noon the following day.
    • If the tailgate is not located near John Guidry Stadium or Ray Didier Field, setups must be removed and the area cleaned up at the end of the game.
  • Any items remaining in the tailgate area by noon on the Monday following weekend games and the day after weekday games will be removed and disposed of by the university.
  • You are responsible for the behavior and actions of your members and guests and the University reserves the right to revoke the use of a Tailgating spot at any time.  Individuals or groups engaging in inappropriate or disruptive behavior will be directed by University staff and/or University Police to cease and desist from doing so. Any individuals or groups engaging in repeated inappropriate or disruptive behavior will be evicted from the campus grounds. Appropriate follow-up action will be taken.
  • Identification must be presented upon request.  If an individual refuses to present identification or refuses to follow the directions of University staff and/or University Police they will be evicted from the campus grounds. Appropriate follow-up action will be taken.


  • Music (Band, Disc Jockey, must contain language or speech that is not construed as vulgar, profane or hateful.)
    • Only ONE band or DJ is allowed to perform in the designated student tailgating area.
      • Student groups responsible for the music should make every effort to play a variety of music that our diverse student population will enjoy.
    • KNSU may provide DJ services with a requested playlist provided by all participating student groups. (as of June 30, 2023, this is still being coordinated and is not confirmed.)
    • For games where SPA does not provide music and KNSU is not participating, a set of guidelines for students to sign up for the providing tailgate music will be provided.
      • There should be no competing music from group spots.
    • All Music must be shut down 30 minutes prior to game start time.
  • Homecoming and Family Day – SPA will be funding the primary DJ for the HOCO football tailgate. 
    • The electrical pole is for SPA use ONLY
    • Each group registered for tailgate may play their own music within their tent/group.
    • No live DJs at these two games — personal devices and speakers only. (DJ’s may be allowed at future games where SPA is not sponsoring)
    • All music/speakers must be pointed inward toward your group/tent and not competing with the SPA-sponsored DJ
  • No electricity is available on the east side of tailgate due to construction and electrical cords may not cross roadways or parking areas.  You may use small type quiet source generators and, if used, must provide your own safe cords.

Nicholls State University is a TOBACCO-FREE/SMOKE-FREE CAMPUS. The use of any tobacco product in any form is Restricted tobacco products include cigarettes, cigars, e- cigarettes, pipes, water pipes, all smokeless tobacco (chew, snuff, etc.)


  • Only utilize available restroom facilities.  Restrooms at Ray Didier Field (baseball field) will no longer be accessible during tailgating.
  • Student groups with sufficient resources should consider renting portable restrooms for the student tailgate area.
  • Do not enter locked or closed or barricaded bathroom facilities (do not jump fences, do not enter athletic fields, etc.).
  • There will either be port-o-lets at the edge of the tailgate area or you will use the restrooms inside of the football stadium.

Tailgating with Alcohol

PLEASE NOTE: Consumption of alcohol is not advised.

Nicholls State University is committed to upholding all local, state and federal laws concerning use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and will support efforts in the campus community to confront violations of these laws. The University is also committed to maintaining a safe, healthful environment that supports its educational mission.

Furthermore, inappropriate behaviors and associated negative consequences of alcohol misuse will not be tolerated. All persons on campus regardless of their status must adhere to all local, state and federal laws concerning use and abuse of alcohol. Nicholls State University Alcohol Standards Louisiana Alcohol Laws

If alcohol is being served:

  1. Drink in a responsible and moderate manner.
  2. Designated driver(s) must be available and onsite throughout the duration of the tailgate.
  3. Always designate non-drinking officers/members to handle situations or make decisions throughout the event. The non-drinking officer/member must be identified on the registration form.
  4. Food and nonalcoholic beverages in sufficient quantity, must be available throughout the duration of the event. The food items must be substantial (i.e. must be more than just chips and dip).
  5. Drinking games and common sources (e.g. kegs) of alcohol are prohibited per the University Alcohol Policy.
  6. All water games are prohibited when alcohol is present.  The list includes but is not limited to:
    1. Water fights
    2. Water slides
    3. Kiddy pools
    4. Slip and Slides

Anyone under the age of 21 possessing/consuming alcohol, or anyone giving alcohol to an underage person, will be subject to arrest and referred to the Conduct Office. University Police, Thibodaux Police Department, and other law enforcement agencies will monitor and enforce this law.

Under no circumstances will any alcoholic beverages be permitted to be brought inside any athletic venue. Anyone found in possession of alcohol entering the venue is subject to being ejected without a refund of the ticket price (student guest) and will be subject to arrest.

***These guidelines may be revised or adjusted at any time during the year. Students will be notified of these changes through Presence. It is each student’s /student group’s responsibility to remain up-to- date on policies.

Revised as of 10/4/2023